Online Pre-Law Studies Degrees

Pre-law studies refers to a course of study that can prepare you for law school. It isn't a degree program, but one of many academic paths that provides training in communication and critical thinking, skills necessary for success in law school.

Examples of popular pre-law studies degrees include English, political science, and philosophy. During these degree programs you'll do a lot of reading and writing. Many pre-law students wonder which degree provides the best training for law school. Most legal scholars agree there isn't just one academic path that provides the best preparation for law school. What's important is having a solid liberal arts education grounded in the classics. In fact, pre-law studies students are discouraged from taking a lot of legal courses during their undergraduate career.  You'll take those classes during law school; in the meantime,  you're better off honing your rhetorical skills.

The Appeal of Pre-Law Studies

Many students are attracted to the field of law for its interesting work and often high salaries. Attorney salaries vary widely--those who work at high-profile law firms in cosmopolitan areas will earn much more than a corporate in-house lawyer in a mid-sized city. Not surprisingly, much of the more interesting legal work is not highly paid, including jobs like public prosecutor or public defender, or human rights lawyer. However, the work of such lawyers can have considerable influence on the lives of those whom they represent. For these reasons, law school remains considerably competitive, rendering LSAT and undergraduate academic performance important to students hoping to enter a reputable program.