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December 17 2017, 3:28PM PST

Sponsored Post: The Financial Aid Podcast Launches JobCast

Some students attend college for the richness of experience; others go in order to set up a promising financial future. Whatever your motivation, you're going to need a good job when you graduate. But how in the world will you...

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Trading Graduation Robes For Bathrobes: Online Learning Still Growing

In this positive article, the author looks at the ways online education is expanding, across every nation, all economic classes, and all levels of education. Who needs to walk across a stage wearing a graduation robe when you can relax...

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It's Never Too Late: An Online Degree Fulfills A Dream

Amid the technology and daily innovations we find in the field of online universities, it's important to remember that the industry is about, first and foremost, people. Which is what makes inspiring stories like this one so wonderful. Joel Brown...

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The Ivy League Gives In To Online Convenience

It can't be disputed that online classes are surging in popularity. Thanks to this, the negative stigma of online college courses and degrees is finally fading. An online education is so respectable these days, in fact, that even Ivy League...

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Businesses Eagerly Searching For Online Degree Holders

In continuing with the trend reported in yesterday's entry, not only is respect growing, but some companies prefer students who received online educations. This article contains an illuminating list of reasons why virtual education should be seen as a...

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Baker College announces increase in student enrollment

The Huron Daily Tribune Baker College of Cass City officials announced a 19 percent increase in student enrollment for spring quarter 2006 over spring quarter 2005. New student enrollment increased by 47.8 percent over the same period last year. A total of 350 students are attending Baker College of Cass City this spring, a satellite campus of Baker College of Flint. "As a right-to-try college, Baker College provides a very accessible entry point for students who might not otherwise have the [Read More]

MBA students thirst for tech, consulting positions in 2006

Tuesday April 18, 11:01 am ET
By Rob Kelley, CNNMoney.com staff writer

With demand for MBAs rebounding, this year's graduating class of B-school students is more likely to get the job offers they desire. And in many cases, that means a job at Google.
Asked to name the five firms where they'd most like to work after graduation, 12.55% of MBA candidates named Google, according to the results of an annual survey of MBA candidates by research firm Universum Communications in [Read More]

Booming of Distance Education

From the Daily Tar Heel, more good news on distance education programs. I'm not sure about the numbers here though, they seem quite low considering there are about 300 million people in the U.S. Recent increases in the number of...

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