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January 15 2018, 11:22PM PST

Roll the Dice with a Career in Casino Management

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), 2009 commercial casino revenue topped $30 billion, reflecting the tremendous (and growing) popularity of gaming in the United States. Given the positive growth outlook for the cagaming industry as a whole, now is a great time to consider careers in casino management. For example, you might become a gaming supervisor or gaming manager. Gaming supervisors are usually assigned a particular area of the casino in which they organize and instruct the staff and [Read More]

Online Education Isn't Free From Bullying: Five Steps to Keep Students Safe

In recent months, bullying has receiving a lot of attention for several good reasons: 13-year-old Asher Brown, 13-year-old Megan Meier, 15-year-old Billy Lucas. These children committed suicide because they were bullied. But it's not just the behavior of middle school and high school students. College freshman Tyler Clementi committed suicide after his college roommate posted a video online of Clementi with another male.

Though hazing and bullying used to be confined to the locker room, dorm room, or class room, technology has [Read More]

Men and Nursing

In modern American society, the concept of male nurses is as foreign as the idea of female firefighters. Sure, a handful of male nurses exist, but they are wrongly stigmatized as “lesser men” with female tendencies. No one can pinpoint the exact impetus behind the delusions that characterize nursing as a female-oriented profession. Responsibility, however, lies with the American public—both men and women—to debunk these myths.

Rich Van Rensselaer is one such individual working tirelessly to subvert the notion of codified gender [Read More]

Best Degrees for a Career in Engineering

According to CNN Money's ranking of "Best Jobs in America" in 2010, environmental, civil, and biomedical engineering were three of the top ten careers. Why did these jobs come out on top? Because each one offers high earning potential, gratifying work, and growth opportunities, according to CNN.

Engineering can be a great lifelong career regardless of your specialty, but to secure a good job in the field, you need the right education. Top degrees in engineering can prepare you to become a [Read More]

Out of Work Astronauts? Changing Labor Market Signals Need for Flexible Career Skills

Some people dream of careers in space, but many more people these days are just dreaming of a career--any career--and that includes thousands of people who had careers in the space industry. In July, United Space Alliance, a NASA contractor that is a company equally owned by Lockheed Martin Corporation and The Boeing Company, sent layoff notices to 1,394 employees in Texas, Alabama, and Florida, noting that as of October 1, their NASA careers would be over. This initial downsizing [Read More]

Future Jobs: Teachers and Veterinarians

Both teachers and veterinarians are facing potential changes to their educational paths -- the way student teachers are graded could change significantly, and veterinarians might find that specializing in a large-animal practice is the best way to get into school, and possibly even help pay for student loans.

Assessment Tests for Student Teachers Could Change

If you're hoping to become a teacher, you better be comfortable in front of a video camera. Hoping to increase teacher performance levels, 19 states are now considering [Read More]

Interview with Resume Expert Igor Khayet

We recently sat down with Igor Khayet, Founder of MyResumeShop, for a timely chat on the present and future of resumes.

1) So you got your MBA at Yale, no doubt learning about macroeconomics, financial regulatory reform, and other weighty issues of the day – how did you get started studying resumes, professionally?

I have always had an interest in career services. While working for IBM, I was a member of the Undergraduate Recruiting Team. I also serve as an admissions interviewer [Read More]

MSN Degrees: Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunities for registered nurses in today's health care environment are rapidly expanding. An MSN degree (master of science in nursing) opens the door to many new career options.

What is the difference between an RN degree and an MSN degree?

An MSN degree is an academic degree indicating master's degree level preparation in the nursing field. An RN on the other hand is actually a license, issued by the state board of nursing, that is obtained following completion of an accredited nursing program [Read More]

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