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December 17 2017, 3:08PM PST

AIU's Computer Network Administration Degree

Are you interested in a career in computers? Network administrators are in high demand, and American Intercontinental University offers an Online's Bachelor's in Information Technology, with a concentration in Network Administration.

AIU's network administration concentration is an accelerated program that can be completed fast. The Bachelor of IT Network Administration degree prepares students for a career as a Network Administration professional.

Students in this program will study fundamental networking principles, and the basics of networking in a variety of technological platforms. [Read More]

Become an Herbalist at Clayton College of Natural Health

Are you interested in a career in Alternative Medicine? Alternative medicine practices often use treatments that incorporate the use of herbal therapies in medical and health care. Finding healing powers in plants is an ancient idea, and people have used hundreds of indigenous plants for treatment of various ailments dating back to prehistory.

Clayton College of Natural Health is a national leader in alternative medicine studies, and offers 3 certificate programs for those who want to become an herbalist. [Read More]

A.T. Still University Master of Science in Geriatrics

An increased population of elderly Americans today has led to a greater demand for healthcare workers that specialize in geriatrics. Americas aging generation will increase the demand even further in the years to come. Those interested in a career in geriatrics should look in to A.T. Still University's Master of Science in Geriatrics program

A.T. Still University offers a master of science in geriatrics for those students who already hold a degree in healthcare. The Geriatric [Read More]

Covering the Cost of Education

Do you know how much it is going to cost you to send your child to college? Do you have any contingency plans if you cannot get scholarships, grants or other financial aid? Careful planning is a must for parents of students who plan on attending college.

Many parents and their children approach the college process much like the deer running into the road. They just dart out there and hope for the best.

Given how much a college education [Read More]

AIU Online Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication

Do you want to be an animator or web designer - and don't know which degree program is right for you? American Intercontinental University Online offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication. This program is geared towards students that have an interest in graphic design and computer based design.

AIU Online is one of the first universities to offer a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication, completely online. This program teaches students to develop their [Read More]

Capella University Master of Science in Organization and Management

Adults going back to school are looking for programs and courses that fit the need of their busy schedules. Capella University Online offers a variety of courses designed to give your career a leg up. One of their exciting programs is the Master of Science (MS) in Organization and Management.

The Master of Science in Organization and Management is designed to help you learn critical thinking skills and effective communication and leadership skills that will give you the capability of solving real-world [Read More]

Tips for Adults Returning to School.

Many adults returning to college can find the experience to be quite daunting. Transitioning back in to a college student - or doing it for the first time - can be exciting and scary. Adults entering college classes on campus or taking online classes should engage their families in to the process to make the transition easier for everyone involved.
Here are some tips to make the transition a little easier for everyone involved.

[Read More]

Private College Loans - Understanding the Risks

Students are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a college education. Federal Stafford loans are not available to everyone, so some students are turning to private college loans. Although these loans allow students to attend college, they carry a higher risk than government loans.

Private loans are the fastest-growing sector of the multibillion-dollar student loan industry. In 2005-06, college students borrowed a record $17.3 billion in private loans, up 913 percent from a decade ago, according [Read More]

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