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November 23 2017, 3:48PM PST

Teachers in Texas Aren���t Making the Grade.

Testing in Texas is showing an alarming number of teachers who cannot pass the basic certifications tests.

Testing is a part of life. Most professions require some sort of test and you only get so many tries. But a News Station Investigation shows - when it comes to teaching or running a school, for thousands of North Texas educators its try, try and try again���and again.

The anticipation and pressure mounts on most any public school student in Texas every year as [Read More]

Want to go to Graduate School but Fear a Mountain of Debt?

The high cost of graduate school shouldn't end your dreams of going. Best bet is to approach you finance sensibly and utilize the help that's available. Here is some more advice.

Shaving expenses. Graduate students and aid officers say a few simple strategies can reduce the chances of being saddled with a lifetime of onerous payments. It starts at the very beginning, with the choice of grad school. But even if students don't choose a low-cost school, they can [Read More]

Teamwork and Leadership Skills are Key for MBA Students

MBA students are finding that skills in communications and confidence are essential to their success in the business world.

Indeed, a growing number of employers agree that it is communication, leadership, teamwork, and other so-called soft skills that truly distinguish M.B.A. candidates today. According to a 2006 survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, nearly two fifths of employers say these are extremely important in selection and hiring. "The globalization of business requires companies to operate across a wider degree of [Read More]

School Review: Fisher College Online

Fisher College was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1903. It was one of the first accredited colleges to offer an online course component in 1997 when administrators opened Fisher College Online -- the school's Internet campus. Since then, their online studies program has grown and now awards certificates, associates, and bachelor's degrees through solely-online programs.

Fisher College Online conducts its online classes through a program called Blackboard -- one of the leading e-learning software systems currently on the market. Online [Read More]

A Degree from Disney University?

Are you ready for your Disney diploma? Maybe your mouse Master? Disney is dipping its toes in to the education business according to a report from CNN Money.

Starting today, Disney (Charts, Fortune 500) will open enrollment for seven online courses on Family.com, its how-to site for moms that covers everything from quick cooking to home schooling.

The subjects may seem lightweight. But they're hardly infomercials. There's useful information like how to choose a digital camera, the basics of shooting in the [Read More]

Where the Jobs Are

Wondering where the big new job markets are? Some cities might surprise you..

NEW YORK (AP) -- College graduates seeking a job should heed an ancient piece of advice and "go west," according to a Chicago outplacement firm.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. said in a new report that job growth is fastest in Midwestern, Mountain West and Southern cities, with New Orleans, Jacksonville, N.C. and Dubuque, Iowa at the top of its list.

Rounding out the list are Greenville, N.C.; Iowa City, [Read More]

Earning Online College Credit

While some students simply choose to study in a traditional college rather than an online college, this does not necessarily mean that the same students can't take advantage of earning online college credit. Earning online college credit can be great for many students of traditional colleges, especially those who like to go back home and stay with family over the summer months. If a student goes to school in a different state than where their family lives, they would [Read More]

School Review: San Francisco State University


San Francisco State University was founded in 1899 in San Francisco, California. Online courses at San Francisco State are offered through the College of Extended Learning which awards Professional Development Certificates, Academic Certificates, CEUs, and also offers non-credit classes. The College of Extended Learning at San Francisco State University caters primarily to nontraditional students and professionals by offering flexible courses and transferable-degree-credit courses. However, enrollment in San Francisco State Universities online programs is [Read More]

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