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December 17 2017, 3:28PM PST

Should You Choose a Part-Time or Full-Time MBA Program?

In an interview with Business Week, Kristine Mackey, associate dean for Evening and Weekend Programs at Chicago Graduate School of Business, offered some suggestions for students on how to decide whether to enroll in a part-time or full-time MBA program. Mackey offered these tips for students considering an MBA program:

If you're in a job, even though the paycheck feels great but you don't see how this is ever going to take you anywhere, or for whatever reason you find yourself [Read More]

How to Find the Best Online College

When you're shopping for an online school, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind in order to find the best online college for you. Here are some tips on how to find the best online college:

Look for Schools with Accreditation

In the U.S., there are six main college accrediting agencies: Middle States, New England, North Central, Northwest, Southern, and Western. When you looking for a school's accreditation, make sure that they list one of [Read More]

How to Apply for College Online

Whether you're hoping to apply for an online college or a traditional college, the easiest way to begin the process of admissions is to apply for college online. Generally, the website of the school that you've chosen to apply to will have an online application. You simply fill out the required information and then submit it. However, you'll probably have to send additional information.

First, most schools have an application fee. The application fee can be submitted one of two ways. [Read More]

How Do Online College Classes Work?

Before you commit yourself to taking an online course or enrolling in an online school, you'll need to first understand how online college classes work. While many elements of an online college class are alike those of a typical, campus-based course, many elements are completely different. First, distance learning occurs entirely over the Internet. This means that all of your contact with your instructors and classmates will occur over email or through a classroom chat room or discussion board. Your [Read More]

Administrators at Capella University under College Loan Investigation

A few months ago, it came to light that financial aid administrators at many colleges across the U.S. were pushing students to take out school loans with companies that offered incentives to financial aid personnel. These loan companies would offer loan advisors a commission whenever they encouraged students to get their college loans through their company. Capella University, after beginning their own investigation into such practices, put financial aid director Tim Lehmann on a paid suspension after discovering that he has [Read More]

Trade Schools: The New Grad Schools?

Unfortunately, a bachelor's degree doesn't necessarily guarantee a job. Many graduates of four- year colleges find themselves struggling to obtain jobs that utilize their degree, and instead find themselves working as administrative assistants or telemarketers. These students used to rely on graduate school when their bachelor's degree didn't earn them a decent job. However, according to the ColoradoDaily.com, many of these students are starting to enroll in trade schools rather than grad schools:

Community colleges used to be a place [Read More]

Net Impact Conference Offers Networking Opportunities for MBA Students

The 2007 Net Impact Conference is set to be held at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference will take place on November 2-3 and is expected to attract more than 2,000 MBA graduate students and young professionals. According to Exduco.net, the Net Impact Conference is:

the world's largest annual gathering for MBA students and young professionals focused on corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, international development and environmental management. Participants will explore the latest ideas, trends, [Read More]

Even Grade School Students Can Go to School Online

Students in the state of Washington now have a viable alternative to spending their entire day sitting in a classroom. According to the Yamika Herald-Republic, a number of public online schools have opened up across Washington, offering courses to children from kindergarten to 12th grade:

These new public, online schools were created when the Legislature passed a 2005 law that allowed for the expansion of digital learning programs, more commonly known as "virtual schools."

Many high schools offer online classes, but [Read More]

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