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January 18 2018, 9:19PM PST

New Guide Available For K-12 Online Learning

Online learning is still a relatively new concept and in public schools notoriously two steps behind in the latest technology even in the most well-funded school systems and in an attempt to help clear up any lingering mystery in the process of K-12 e-learning, North American Council for Online Learning has come out with a guidebook for parents and school officials. NACOL's guidebook, "A National Primer on K-12 Online Learning," offers answers to many common questions about K-12 online learning. eSchool [Read More]

E-learning Software Patent Issues Due to Hit the Courtroom

Online learning isn't just a matter of email and chat rooms. Most e-schools require students to download their software to enable them to easily access class assignments and turn in homework. It's this software that is causing a ruckus in the legal system:
Blackboard-the company responsible for the software many institutions use to manage their online education courses-announced that it had been awarded a U.S. patent for E-learning technology. The same day, the company filed a patent-infringement suit against Desire2Learn, [Read More]

Online Textbooks Are a Low-Cost Way to Prepare Students for Online Classes

Signing up for a class online is a great way to check out a new career interest without giving up any other schedule commitments. However, it's not always the most financially savvy way to figure out how much you're interested in a new career.
One entrepreneur, boggled by the high costs of textbooks, has built a web site where curious students can take a look at potential course topics by perusing free textbooks online at TextbookRevolution.org. Meant to ease the [Read More]

School Review: University of Houston - Clear Lake



The University of Houston at Clear Lake was founded in 1974 in Clear Lake, Texas. The school specializes in awarding upper-level undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition to their campus-based degree programs, the University of Houston at Clear Lake also offers distance education and off-campus programs. A few of their distance education programs require that students take on-campus courses, but many are available entirely online.


Online courses at The [Read More]

Christian College Directory Surpasses 500 Entries

The Baker's Guide to Christian Distance Education announced this month that they had recently added their 500th entry to the Christian Distance Learning Degree and Program Directory. According to PR Leap, the Christian Distance Learning Degree and Program Directory:

features over 500 online schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, and degrees, ranging from virtual homeschooling programs through accredited bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees offered by Evangelical Christian colleges, plus a growing number of theology degree programs offered by international universities. The site combines [Read More]

Getting Into the Best Grad School

Many people wait until their senior year of college to start thinking about what they need to do in order to get into the best grad school. However, making sure that you get into the best grad school is a process that starts as soon as you begin your undergraduate degree program. Tara Kuther, Ph.D., with About.com offers this advice on how to improve your chances of getting into the best graduate school:

  • Get to know your professors.
  • Get involved in [Read More]

Life Balance: Looking for for Love - At Work?

Did you know that some companies have strict policies regarding work place romance? If you or someone you know have been involved in an office romance, you probably know about the potential embarassment, or discomfort of seeing that co worker after the romance has ended. The folks over at Spherion, a recruiting and staffing firm based in Florida, recently posted this survey on their blog.

Does dating a coworker jeopardize your career? Do you try to keep a relationship secret or [Read More]

Life Balance: Managing Your Student Debt and Finances

Being buried under a mountain of student debt can be a tough way to start out in the workforce. When your first paychecks start rolling in, you will kiss a bunch of money goodbye when you have to repay your students loans. So how can you build a future AND pay off your student debts? A recent post had a few great pointers on how.

Learn about your loans. Many student loans allow for a 6-9 month grace period [Read More]

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