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December 14 2017, 7:05AM PST

Careers & Ideas: Summer Job Hunting

So you have earned your degree and graduated. Now what? You can spend the summer enjoying some time off, or you can proactively start looking for a job. A recent post offered some tips on why to stay on top of your job search during the summer.

Since we were in school, summer has been associated with vacations, lazy days and a small break from life. Because of this association, people often forget that's not how it works [Read More]

Undergraduate Classes You'll Need before Applying to Law School

While most law schools don't have any course prerequisites, there are classes you can take as an undergraduate student that will better prepare you for both the LSAT and law school. Tara Kuther with About.com suggests that students take the following courses as an undergraduate:

Public Speaking
History and Government
Composition and Literature
Political Science
Expository Writing

Beyond these courses, Kuther also suggests that [Read More]

Choosing an MBA Specialization

Many people who enroll in an MBA program fear that they're going to diminish their chances of getting the job they want because they chose the wrong MBA specialization. However, experts in the field insist that the specialization is not going to severely affect what job you're able to get. According to InfoWorld:

Realize that the bulk of the course load in most MBA programs consists of a core curriculum covering the gamut of general business studies: accounting, finance, marketing, operations [Read More]

Psychology Students Should Consider Online Degrees

As mental health issues have become better understood by both psychologists and society alike, the need for psychologists has compounded. Psychologists work for themselves as well as in hospitals, schools, correctional institutions, and human resource departments. Psychologists typically need a doctorate degree to practice psychology, and this has led many psychology students to turn to online psychology programs for their education. According to Rose Mus:

Students pursuing psychology online degrees learn about the human mind and behavior and its biological, social [Read More]

Choosing between a Master's and Doctorate Program

If you've made the decision to attend grad school, the next step is deciding what degree you'll pursue. There are many factors that determine which degree is right for your career goals. GradSchoolTips offers some advice on choosing which degree to pursue:

Which one is right for you? That's a question you can only answer for yourself, but there are some things to consider before making the decision. For some careers, a doctorate degree is seen as having little use, and [Read More]

Choosing an Online MBA School

There are many things that you need to consider when looking into an online MBA program: accreditation, cost, flexibility. It can be just as if not more difficult to choose an online MBA program as it is to choose a traditional MBA program. offers these tips for choosing an online MBA program:

A major consideration with regards to choosing an appropriate online MBA course is that of accreditation. There are many suspect MBAs vying for your business. The obvious ones to [Read More]

Study Shows the Benefits of Online Degrees

A recent study performed by Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative shows that online students perform just as well if not better than traditional students in the classroom. Besides being a faster and more convenient means of earning a degree, studying online has been shown to be just as valuable as studying in a traditional classroom. According to KRISTV:

Ongoing research being conducted by cognitive scientists and education experts at Carnegie Mellon University suggests that it is. Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative [Read More]

Recovering From a Low Undergraduate GPA

Many students fear that their low undergraduate GPA will severely damage their chances of getting into graduate school. However, this is not always true. There are ways of recovering from a low undergraduate GPA and still getting into the grad school of your choice. The Princeton Review offers this advice on recovering from a poor GPA:

Choose a Realistic List of Schools"The GPA Scale Is All Relative
Have you made friends with your college's graduate school (pre-law, pre-mba, pre-med, etc.) advisor [Read More]

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