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January 17 2018, 9:01PM PST

Careers & Ideas: Tips for Climbing the Corporate Ladder

When college graduates head off to the corporate world, they are often disillusioned by the tedious work their new job entails. Often young entry-level employees find that they need to work extra hard to prove themselves, and move up the corporate ladder. This move doesn't happen fast - or at all in some cases. Instead of spinning your wheels, use some of the following tips to move ahead in the game.

Quintcareers recently pulished it's Six Tips to Help Win [Read More]

Finance Your Education: The GI Bill

Because online education is a relatively new institution, there has been some question as to whether or not the GI Bill, a military institution begun in 1944, would apply. The answer: It does. Considered an IHL or institute of higher learning, many online education programs are covered under the GI Bill, including non-degree programs like HVAC or other vocational certifications. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs:

The GI Bill is available for attendance at IHLs such as:

Getting Into a Top MBA Program with an Online Undergrad Degree

Many students stray away from online undergraduate degree programs because they feel that earning an online degree will hamper their chances of getting into a top MBA program. However, where an undergraduate degree is earned is not always the most important thing that an MBA school looks at. According to Men.Style.com:

MBA programs will tend to value work experience much more highly than the degree you earned in undergrad. Full-time MBA students typically have six years of work experience under [Read More]

The General GRE is getting a Facelift

It has been announced that the General GRE, the test that many students must take prior to applying to graduate schools, is currently being revised and will change as of September of 2007. According to CBS News:

The GRE General Test, the bane of many applicants, is about to get more challenging. A much-delayed revamp debuts in September with changes designed to make it more relevant-at least according to Educational Testing Service, the people who dreamed it up. The new exam [Read More]

Virtual Internships Are On the Rise

One of the most hampering aspects of online learning is that it hinders a student's ability to score an internship or work-study position that offers them work experience in their field of study. While many students work in their field while also earning their degree online, many others are not able to work in their field and are unable to be set up with an internship position due to the fact that their online school is half a country away from [Read More]

Concord Law, America's First Virtual Law School

No more must potential law students send out a dozen lengthy and expensive law school applications and wait with bated breath for an opportunity to move across the country, uproot their families, give up their jobs and endure 80-hour weeks full of law classes, study groups and exams. Now, future lawyers need go no further than their computer to gain a fully accredited law degree and join the legal ranks. The South Florida Business Journal reports:

Distance education becomes instant learning. [Read More]

Review: VocationVacations.com

It might be that you're a restaurant manager, but you've always thought that maybe your true calling was as a journalist. However, journalism isn't a field that you can just jump into without a degree and some experience, and you're not sure that it's worth going back to school when you can't possibly know that you wouldn't hate working as a journalist. You like more information on what it's like working as a journalist, but [Read More]

Life Balance: Salary Differences For Men Today

Do you think Salaries have gotten better or worse over the years? Some career experts think that men today don't have it as well as their fathers once did.

American men in their 30s today are worse off than their fathers' generation, a reversal from just a decade ago, when sons generally were better off than their fathers, a new study finds.

The study, the first in a series on economic mobility undertaken by several prominent think tanks, also says the [Read More]

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