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January 15 2018, 11:25PM PST

Life Balance: Diversity in Med School

Many career fields are seeing an increase in the numbers of foreign students. This is especially prevalent in medical school. The Washington Post recently posted an article on diversity at med schools.

The six members of Medical Team 4 have a lot in common. Each wears a white coat, has a stethoscope for a necklace and has stayed up late this week. They can all start an IV and work up a solitary lung nodule.

They share something less obvious, [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Should You Become an Engineer?

Earning a degree in engineering can be even more exciting than you think. There are so many important jobs that require a background in Engineering. Do you think you have what it takes to succeed in engineering? Here are some attributes that might help point you towards a specific engineering career.

What do Neil Armstrong, Jimmy Carter, and Alfred Hitchcock have in common? Though they eventually chose very different careers - one as an astronaut, one as a president, [Read More]

Life Balance: Student Loan Regulation

Many students these days rely on student loans to go to college. With tuition increases nationwide, parents are finding it more and more difficult to fund their child's college education without assistance. But whom do you trust to make sure the loan is in your best interest? The Bush administration wants to regulate the relationship between universities and lenders

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bush administration has proposed new rules aimed at clamping down on conflicts of interest in [Read More]

Choosing an MBA School

There are many things that you might consider when choosing which MBA programs to apply to. Say, for example, that you want a position with a company that only recruits from certain schools. Then you're going to want to apply only to those schools that the employer recruits from. The following list by the Young Professionals Group showcases the top things that people look for in an MBA program:

  • International reputation/prestige
  • Profile of participants
  • International reputation/prestige
  • Teaching style and specializations
  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Low Cost

Students should [Read More]

Choosing Between Grad Schools

Prior to getting your acceptance and rejection letters, you were terrified that you weren't going to get into any of the grad schools that you applied to. However, now you've gotten your letters back, and you have been accepted into more than one of the schools you've applied to. The decision between the schools can be daunting. If you need help deciding between schools, consider this advice from GradSchools.com:

Financial questions are the biggest explosions of light at the end of [Read More]

UNC Launches its Online School

Currently, the University of North Carolina offers more than 90 different online degree programs. However, until recently, these programs weren't organized into one working space. According to The Charlotte Observer:

UNC system officials said their goal is to extend education to those who can't get to a campus. Admissions standards for online programs will be the same as those for traditional students.

At East Carolina, which offers 60 online degrees, the majority of the MBA students are online. The students, who hail [Read More]

How Important is GPA when Applying to Grad Schools?

When you're trying to distinguish yourself from hundreds of other candidates for the grad school of your choice, then you're probably going to be better of with a remarkable GPA. However, there are other ways of distinguishing yourself in your grad school application. Macleans.ca offers the following advice on applying to grad school:

In general, even though we know that marks aren't the only thing that reflect a student's ability, they are the easiest way to compare one student to another [Read More]

Using an Admissions Consultant

Many people assume that an MBA admissions consultant is a service that simply writes your MBA application essay for you. However, this is not true. Many MBA consultants hold MBAs, and many are prior admissions officials from MBA programs. They do not write your essay for you; rather, they help you create an entire application package that will appeal to admissions representatives.

When deciding whether or not to use an admissions consultant, consider this advice from Journey to my MBA:

Misconceptions are [Read More]

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