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November 21 2017, 7:47AM PST

Online Scammers Promise Education Grants

Most people have heard of diploma mills -- the unaccredited schools that charge outrageous tuition fees and award useless degrees. According to a recent report by NewsOK.com, the newest scammers are targeting students who are searching for education grants online:

Beware of online offers that promise grants to pay for college " for a small fee.

The Better Business Bureau has dozens of consumer complaints from consumers claiming they did not receive what they paid for.

The best way to learn what [Read More]

School Review: The University of Advancing Technology

The University of Advancing Technology was founded in 1983 in Tempe, Arizona. It is a small, private university that is focused on graduating well-rounded students of technology. UAT offers 15 different degrees in advancing technology disciplines, including both undergraduate and graduate degrees. They also have an online school that awards five different bachelor's degrees.

UAT's online instructors receive extensive training in distance education teaching in order to ensure that students learn effectively. All instructors have experience as well as at [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Employers May Look Up Your Info Online

Have you ever thought about fall-out from your personal profile online? Have you ever thought about who might be looking you up on the Internet? Believe it or not, potential employers have been known to search the names of potential employees on the Internet to find information.

So what kind of information do you have out there? Jason Fry from the Wall Street Journal Online has this:

Last week a story crossed my desk claiming that a quarter of [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Personal Financial Advisors are In Demand

Are you looking to earn a degree in finance? There are many great and lucrative jobs in the world of finance. Becoming a personal financial advisor is one of them. So why is this a good one? FastCompany.com has this:

What they do: Work and business are about more than money, but money still matters. Just like your career, you need to manage your money. Financial advisers do what the job says: advise people on their personal financial [Read More]

Life Balance: Drug Companies Marketing to Med Students

Pharmaceutical companies spend almost 20 billion dollars a year marketing their products to doctors - and even future doctors. But are these marketing ploys going too far? The Baltimore Sun reports:

Medical student Clarence Lam marveled at the feast that a drug company sponsored this spring at the Inner Harbor's upscale Capital Grille.

The night's appetizer was seafood, the entree was filet mignon and dessert was cheesecake.

"They paid for everything," recalled Lam, 26, who attends the University of Maryland School of [Read More]

Life Balance: Texas Encourages Students to go to College

In Texas, Austin Community College is allowing high school students to take college courses whiles still in high school. They hope this encourages students to go to college and earn a degree.

News 8 Austin has this story:

Manuel Munoz is a junior in high school, but he's already taking college courses at Austin Community College.

"I'm taking some history courses so I can be ahead both in college and in high school," he said.

Munoz doesn't have to pay [Read More]

School Review: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln was founded in 1869 in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is a member of the Association of American Universities and is recognized as a Doctoral/Research Extensive institution by the Carnegie Foundation. The University of Nebraska at Lincoln has online course offerings for high school and undergraduate students as well as more than 20 solely-online graduate degree programs. These courses are offered through their Extended Education & Outreach department.

The online courses at the University [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Public Healthcare Careers

The medical and healthcare field is seeing great demand for qualified workers. There is also a great demand for Public Health professionals. Here is some in-depth information on a career in Public Health:

Public Health involves the coordination of knowledge and practice among all these disciplines to promote and protect the health of individuals and our population.

Public Health professionals typically specialize and pursue career opportunities in one or more of these disciplines. They often obtain a masters in public [Read More]

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