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December 17 2017, 10:46AM PST

Making the Decision to go to Grad School

There are several reasons why you might be considering enrolling in graduate school. Maybe you need a graduate degree to chase the career you want. Maybe you have been out of undergraduate school for a while and you're discovering that it's harder to get a job than you thought it would be. Or maybe you just aren't ready to start paying off your student loans just yet. Whatever your situation, there are things you need to consider before jumping into graduate [Read More]

Christian College Offers Online Degrees

While there are a number of online colleges to choose from, there aren't many Christian colleges that offer online degrees. However, Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi is changing that. They have recently started offering an online associate's and bachelor's degree that students can complete entirely online. According to SolancoNews:

Since 1883, Belhaven College, in Jackson, Miss., has been a leader in providing comprehensive Christian education. President Roger Parrott says, "the new Virtual Online Education Program emphasizes our commitment to helping students [Read More]

Preparing for the LSAT

If you're considering going into law school, then you'll need to be prepared to take the LSAT exam. The SAT is a standardized test that is required of students that are applying to law school. According to Peterson's, the LSAT is broken down in this manner:

The two Logical Reasoning sections assess your ability to analyze and evaluate arguments. You will not only have to determine whether arguments are strong or weak, you'll also have to understand precisely why they are [Read More]

MBA or No?

If you're debating on whether or not to go back to school for your MBA, then you're going to need to evaluate your reasons for wanting to return for a higher degree. The following questions from MBAAdvice were designed to help students evaluate their reasons for pursuing an MBA:

  • Does getting an MBA allow you to pursue a career about which you are passionate?
  • Does getting an MBA allow you to do something at which you can achieve excellence? Does it [Read More]

Website Ranks Online Degrees by Cost

GetEducated.com has recently released their annual affordability rankings of online colleges that offer degrees in the social sciences, psychology, and human services. Their results rate 26 accredited online universities on the cost of their master's degree courses. According to PRWeb:

West Virginia University ranks number one on GetEducated.com's Best Buy list for their distance master's in rehabilitation counseling management. State residents will pay a remarkably low rate of about $2,500 for the entire master's while non-residents can expect to pay significantly [Read More]

Understanding Grad School Terminology

If you've ever been in a situation where a teacher or student talked about an assistantship and you weren't quite sure what that was, then you may need to brush up on your grad school terminology. The following definitions for grad school terms are provided by Peterson's:

Assistantships are available at many schools with graduate programs, and can be teaching or research centered. In exchange for completing some work or research for the school, you���re offered free or reduced tuition [Read More]

Acing the GMAT Exam

Prior to Applying to MBA programs, students have to take the GMAT Exam. This exam is a general exam that measures a student's ability to reason verbally and quantitatively as well as their ability to write in a coherent and well-developed manner. It helps to know what the test will be like prior to taking it. Consider these tips from MBA in America:

The test is like this: you have two essays at the beginning of the test. One is an [Read More]

International College Changes Name, Expands Programs

After receiving a $12 gift from benefactors Earl and Thelma Hodges in May, International College changed its name to Hodges University. Hodges University currently offers more than a dozen online degrees, and they plan to use the gift to expand their programs and begin marketing them to national and international students. According to News-Press:

President Terry McMahan said the unrestricted gift will be used in part to expand the distance education program from the 10 online degrees offered.

"We're going to start [Read More]

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