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January 20 2018, 7:08PM PST

American Public University Reviews

Founded in 1993, American Public University has quickly grown into one of today's largest online colleges with more 20,000 students studying from home in all 50 states and 130 different countries. APU awards associate, bachelor, and master degrees, and all of their programs are available entirely online.

American Public University offers flexible class schedules so that students can complete their degrees as soon as possible. Their new courses start monthly so that students who cannot work under a traditional semester schedule [Read More]

Expand Your Career with a Business Degree

Many students struggle with choosing a major, and many more struggle with attending grad school to earn their MBA. However, recent statistics have shown that earning a business degree may be the quickest way into a high-paying job. According to PRWeb:

"The field of finance is hot right now and the job outlook is expected to stay strong," says Business-Programs.com. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting jobs are expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations, [Read More]

Website Offers Free College Admissions Counseling

College admission counselors help students decide on what colleges to apply to by considering their grades, their involvement in extracurricular activities, and their desires for their education. Hiring the services of a college admissions counselor can be costly, as much as $6,500 for the process. However, the American Educational Guidance Center is offering free college admissions counseling, until August 15th, to the first 300 students who request it. According to North Texas e-News:

There is just one catch. Students must agree [Read More]

The Most Popular Online Degrees

Between April and May of 2007, eLearners.com took count of the number of students who visited their site seeking information on different online degrees. The following degrees were those that received the most page views:

Associate Degree Programs
Business Administration
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education

Bachelor's Degree Programs
Criminal Justice
Business Administration
Health Administration

Master's Degree Programs
Business Administration
Health Administration

eLearners.com is a web database that connects students to online colleges and universities that offers programs that [Read More]

Paying for Grad School

There are three major sources of funding for a graduate school education: individual, federal, and school. When deciding how you're going to fund your graduate school education, consider this advice on the forms of funding from GradSchoolTips:

If at all possible, it's best to pay for as much of your graduate school as possible without resorting to borrowing. Many grad students find that, with their considerable knowledge of a subject matter, they're able to make money tutoring school kids or even [Read More]

Top Ten Part-Time MBA Programs

If you're looking to enroll in a part-time MBA program, then you may be interested in these rankings of the top ten part-time MBA programs from MBA Admission:

  1. University of Chicago
  2. NYU (Stern)
  3. Northwestern (Kellogg)
  4. UCLA (Anderson)
  5. Michigan
  6. Berkeley (Haas)
  7. USC (Marshall)
  8. DePaul
  9. Maryland (Smith)
  10. Babson

The following things were considered to determine these rankings: opinions of individuals from top MBA reporting firms, opinions of graduates of the program, recruiter perspectives, incoming student qualifications, [Read More]

Online High School Arrives in North Carolina

High school students in North Carolina will soon have a new way to earn their diploma. North Carolina is one of the many states that are beginning to offer high school courses online. Administrators hope that students will be able to complete their degrees in as little as two years, or, if it takes longer, to earn an associate's degree as well as their high school diploma. According to Goldsboro News-Argus:

Some of the programs provide dual credit for high school [Read More]

Earning an MBA without an Undergraduate Degree

While 99% of the time an undergraduate degree is required to get into an MBA degree program, some colleges may make exceptions for those who have been highly-promoted but have little or no college education. This is a rare occurrence, but it may be an option for those who have worked hard for their high-management position and want to get the best MBA program to expand their career options. Consider this advice from CareerJournal:
Schools normally require undergraduate degrees [Read More]

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