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December 17 2017, 3:08PM PST

Interview: Stephen L. Lesniak, Ed.D, Dean, University of La Verne

Stephen L. Lesniak, Ed.D., Dean of Regional Campus Administration at University of La Verne based in Southern California, joins us to discuss distance education.
Tell us about the distance learning programs offered at University of La Verne.

The University of Laverne offers several programs Online: the MBA at the graduate level and at the undergraduate level, degrees in Criminology, Organizational Management, and Public Administration.

What is the typical duration of [Read More]

Interview: Melani Ward, M.A. M.Ed., ACCC, MyCareerFitness.com

Melani Ward, M.A. M.Ed., ACCC, Career Coach and owner of MyCareerFitness.com joins us to discuss uniting who you are, with what you do.

What is a career coach? What services do you provide to your clients?

A career coach is someone who explores work-related issues with clients and helps them connect to their purpose, passion and values. Coaches offer their clients career management skills to be used in future transitions and they help them develop a career [Read More]

School Review: University of Minnesota

Founded in 1851, the University of Minnesota is comprised of four campuses throughout the state of Minnesota: Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris, and Crookston. It is the only research university in the state. Online courses at the University of Minnesota are offered through the Crookston campus. University of Minnesota awards Bachelor's Degrees in Business, Manufacturing Management, and Applied Health through fully-online programs.

While only these three degrees are the only offered [Read More]

Interview: David B. Kelley, Ed.D, Executive Director Massachusetts Colleges Online

David B. Kelley, Ed.D, Executive Director at Massachusetts Colleges Online (MCO) based in Massachusetts, joins us to discuss their programs.

1. Tell us about the distance learning programs offered at Massachusetts Colleges Online.

Let me start by saying that Mass Colleges Online (MCO) is a consortium of the state and community colleges within Massachusetts that offer online courses. So the online courses and programs are actually offered by our members and not MCO itself. [Read More]

How to Finance your MBA Education

While tuition costs are the number one concern of MBA-seekers, there are a lot of other costs that students must plan for when considering enrolling in an MBA program. Cost of living, textbooks, and software costs are just some of the other expenses of students in an MBA program. Students who are not going to work need to know all of the possible funding sources available to them. Consider these sources listed at MBAMap.com:

MBA Loans
There are a number of [Read More]

Online Degrees Soar in Popularity

After raising the number of online degrees they offered and becoming accredited by a nationally-recognized accrediting institution, the University of Minnesota at Crookston has recently seen a huge hike in enrollment numbers. As students flock to earn their degrees online, the colleges that are catering to this demographic are those that are getting the students. According to the Crookston Daily Times:

Online credit hours at the University of Minnesota, Crookston are up 41 percent over summer semester 2006. The increase is [Read More]

School Review: Indiana University

Indiana University is comprised of eight campuses across Indiana: Bloomington, Indianapolis, Gary, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Richmond, and New Albany. The main campus is located in Bloomington. Throughout its eight campuses, IU offers 963 unique degree programs and is well-known for the quality of both its faculty and its academics. In addition to their traditional degree programs, IU also offers online MBA degrees and online joint [Read More]

Online Degrees May Offer Better Career Preparation

As online schools have risen in popularity, so has the integration of technology in the workplace. The result is that certain online Internet courses prepare graduates more fully for their post-graduation jobs than traditional college courses. According to HotJobs.com, the following fields of study have taken on new significance since the advent of online education:

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