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December 14 2017, 1:05PM PST

Medical Billing: 4 Reasons to Take a Shot at this Career

The health care industry is growing, generating serious job potential for anyone smart enough to ride that wave. (Thank you, baby boomers!) Not sure you are a scrubs kind of person? Fear not: There are a number of medical careers that require little to no actual patient care, like medical billing and coding. Sure, "I'm a medical billing and coding specialist" is a mouthful, but the field's perks more than make up for a little tongue tie. Here are just [Read More]

6 degrees of inspiration: how you can make a difference

Former news anchor Tom Brokaw once said, "It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference." The man knows his stuff. While most of us work in our lifetimes, very few of us become real-world super heroes. That doesn't mean we can't accomplish both. With a little training -- and a lot of passion -- you can make a difference and a living, all at the same time. Here are six careers to help you do [Read More]

Top 5 nursing degrees for 2012

Did your last IV feel like a game of pin the tail on the donkey? While that scenario makes YOU feel like the ass, it's your nurse who should've been better prepared.

In addition to a gentle demeanor and perhaps a steady hand, the key to entering the nursing field is the right education. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 22 percent increase in nursing jobs from 2008 to 2018, a college degree, coupled with solid hands-on training, can [Read More]

Map Technology Helps Sociology Students Visualize Ethnic Divisions

A sociology professor at California State University at San Marcos turned to advanced mapping technology to help her students learn about themselves and their communities, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Hoping to prod her students into reflecting on how racial and ethnic identities shape their lives, associate professor Theresa Suarez taught them to superimpose demographic data about race and ethnicity onto maps of their local communities. Using digital pushpins, they then marked the places where they shopped, worked, went to [Read More]

Now, You Can Major in Mobile Apps

"There's an app for that!" has become a pop culture catchphrase, and for good reason. Mobile applications, or application software designed to run on smartphones and other handheld devices, have taken the modern world by storm. App development has become a real career path, and now one college is offering degree programs specializing in mobile apps.


[Read More]

'Smart' Classroom Wins One of 2011 AMX Innovation Awards

The winners of the 2011 AMX Innovation Awards have been announced, according to a June 15 article in the San Francisco Chronicle. The awards, given to individuals and institutions in the AMX Education Alliance, reward innovation and accomplishment in higher education technology.

Among the winners was Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, in Pomona, N.J., which created a computer teaching facility that blends videoconferencing, remote training and expanded course offerings in its computer teaching facility. The school received a $25,000 prize to [Read More]

Tech Companies Give Input on New IT degrees

With the U.K.'s IT and telecom industry in need of recruits, and underprepared IT graduates struggling to find jobs, companies including IBM have pitched in to help create new degree programs that they say will give IT graduates the skills they'll need in the workplace, reports Computerworld-UK.

The two new distance-learning degrees in IT and computing at the U.K.'s Open University were developed in partnership with a technology-sector skills association. Representatives of IBM, Logica and Capgemini sat [Read More]

Australia Ventures Into Online Education

Although online education knows no borders, some countries have taken to it more quickly than others. Australia’s University of Southern Queensland has launched a fully online specialized degree program in education that it says is the first in the nation.

“Students can study on-campus at Toowoomba, Fraser Coast or Springfield, or study externally from anywhere in Australia or overseas,” said Associate Professor Ken Edwards of the new Bachelor of Education (Sport, Health and Physical Education) program. The program will make use [Read More]

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