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January 16 2018, 7:15PM PST

Keeping it Cool in a Stable Career

Career stability is on the minds of students who are planning on getting their associates degree or bachelor's degree. Since the economy is unsteady, people are looking to careers that are steady. Earning you HVAC technician degree will put you in a career that is always in demand.

Labor reports show the HVAC or heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry is a solid career choice. Officials say no matter how bad the economy gets, HVAC jobs [Read More]

Engineering a Better Future

Engineering isn't as popular of a field as it once was. Automotive engineers for example have seen a decline in their field due to the problems in the automotive industry. But those who pursue an engineering degree will find that there are many areas in which they will be highly employable.

Experts say that engineers who understand embedded software, math modeling, and electronic controls will be in demand. Moreover, the new breed of engineers will have to be ready [Read More]

Shift to Quality MBA Programs

In this competitive job market, having your MBA degree is a key advantage to moving up in you career. There is a school of thought that online MBA programs are not as prestigious as some big name campus based programs, but today, that is no longer the case.

The MBA program at the Chancellor University System will be known as "The Jack Welch Institute" after the former GE powerhouse and will be mostly online. Welch recently paid $2 million to [Read More]

Plumbers Clean Up

Plumbers might have a dirty job, but in the end they clean up - pay wise that is. Plumbers with training can earn a very good living, and those who go to specialized plumber training programs will earn the most.

Bad smells are all in a day's work for Black Diamond Plumbing & Electric, Vice President Scott Underwood said. The odors that come from pipes, blown fuse boxes, and old ventilation systems are not going to make their way [Read More]

Out of Work Teachers are Taking it Online

People who earn an education degree will find that there are many job options available such as elementary education, early childhood education and secondary education to name a few. In this difficult economy however, many teachers are finding themselves without jobs due to budget cuts.

What are these jobless teachers and graduates to do? One option is to become an online tutor, a work-from-home position in which educators can put their experience and knowledge to work [Read More]

Patient Care Aids Make a Difference

Patient care is a very integral part of the medical industry. Nursing assistants are trained to perform basic patient care under the supervision of registered nurses and/or licensed practical nurses. Good patient care makes patients feel a little less stressed about their current medical situations. Earning your patient care degree prepares you for a career as a nursing aide.

Graduates leaving college with training in health-related fields may have an easier time finding jobs than other graduates, state and [Read More]

Design a Blossoming Career

Do you have a creative eye and a green thumb? Maybe your love of plants, flowers and design can parlay in to a career as a floral designer. When you earn a floral design certificate, you will learn shape aesthetics, horticulture and concepts of texture and balance. Though formal training isn't a prerequisite for this career, proper training enables better job options.

Thirty students, many of whom are pursuing careers in professional floral design, took on individual projects [Read More]

Obama Administration Needs Spies

There is a heightened emphasis on Homeland Security since the terrorist attacks in
September 2001. Our government is in need of highly skilled workers to help maintain our
national security. Earning a homeland security degree can prepare you for many exciting
careers working for the United States Government.

The Obama administration wants to advance the nation's intelligence capacity by training a cadre of spies through an ROTC-like corps at the nation's colleges, The Washington Post reported.

The [Read More]

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