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December 17 2017, 3:22PM PST

Helping Out: 5 Degrees Beneficial to a Career in Nonprofits

Remember playing super hero as a kid? Darting around your house in a make-shift cape and sporting your underwear on the outside of your pants? It seems most kids eventually either lose their ambition to change the world (or have it driven from them with a heaping dose of cynicism). Some really crafty kids, however, grow into crafty adults who manage to actually build a career from these noble intentions. Enter the nonprofit professional.

Non profits are not no-profit organizations. [Read More]

Busted: 6 Myths about Becoming a Private Eye

If popular culture had its say, private investigators would be cloaked in drab beige trench coats, sporting fake mustaches, and either camped out in cars or pretending to read newspapers in cafe corners. Sure, some PIs might love long coats or stake out in the most cliche ways possible, but they are the exception to the rule. The reality is that private investigators work in all sorts of environments conducting a variety of different types of investigations. Not convinced? Here are [Read More]

Hot Property: 5 Property Management Blogs to Read

Selling New York. Househunters International. Property Brothers. Shows chronicling the wheelings and dealings of real estate insiders have become hot properties themselves, and with good reason: This is one exciting field. But while realtors and stagers get all the glory on TV, they represent only part of the industry. Property management is another often overlooked field that can be every bit as exciting, especially if you are great at what you do.

To say property managers manage property is like saying [Read More]

Patient Dedication: 4 Nurses Who Helped Change the World

Anyone admitted to the hospital quickly learns that doctors might get all the glory, but it is really nurses who do most of the heavy lifting. Great nurses don't just check your vitals and carry out your treatment plan -- they provide comfort in what can be a scary, confusing time. And that is only the beginning. In fact, with the right balance of training and dedication, nurses can (and have) changed the world. Here are just four nurses who have [Read More]

Up Your Assets: 5 Advantages to Becoming a CPA

Have you admired the success and respect financial gurus such as Certified Public Accountants earn? Maybe even secretly browsed online CPA degrees? If you are looking for a nudge, read this post. There has likely never been a better time to become a CPA. Why, you ask? Because CPAs enjoy a plethora of career benefits many other professionals only dream about. Here is a look at just five of them.

5 stellar reasons to become a CPA

1. Be in-demand.

Everyone loves to [Read More]

Movers and Bakers: 10 hospitality arts gurus to follow on Twitter

So you're considering a hospitality career, but would like to know a little more about the industry before taking on an online hospitality degree. You're a smart cookie! And a lucky one, too: Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to tap current hospitality professionals for insight or advice, and Twitter remains one of the best social platforms for doing just that. These 10 hospitality pros are an excellent place to start, and were each chosen for their [Read More]

Case Closed: 4 Prelaw Fields to Study

How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Perhaps a better question is: How many lawyers does it take to found a nation? Lead a civil movement? Ensure your drinking water is safe? Because for every lawyer jibe -- and there are plenty -- there is an Abraham Lincoln, Thurgood Marshall or Barrack Obama making history. When you tally them up, more than half of U.S. presidents were attorneys. Not too shabby for a profession that takes [Read More]

Paper Trail: 4 Accountants to Follow

Chances are you know a few accountants-turned-famous: Crime thriller novelist John Grisham, easy listening sensation Kenny G and world famous actor Bob Newhart all worked as accountants before launching their more artistic careers. But what about accountants that are famous for, well, accounting? Where are their nods of fame? A number of publications and accounting organizations honor and acknowledge accounting's brightest and most innovative practitioners each year, but unless you are a working accountant or a financial junkie they may [Read More]

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