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January 17 2018, 9:01PM PST

Health Care Workers in Michigan are Taking a Hit

The health care industry has been seen as a goldmine for students who are looking at earning a medical degree. Many people have returned to school or are earning a medical degree online to ensure employment in these tough economic times. But the health care job market is taking a hit in Michigan, where thousands of auto workers are with out jobs, and benefits.

The erosion of Michigan's gold-plated health benefits, long the envy of workers across the [Read More]

Human Resource Executives are Big Business

There are still many fields that are in demand even in this economic downturn. Students who earn their advanced human resource management degree will find that this industry has not stalled out like many other business fields. By graduating from a human resources MBA program, your employability and job prospects will often be superior to those whom you may be interviewing for positions.

Recruiting has slowed dramatically for many job titles as the financial crisis bears down, [Read More]

Medical Billing: Software For the Next Generation

The field of medical billing is undergoing a lot of change and innovations recently. For those looking to work in healthcare, earning a degree in medical billing would be a great idea. Not only are those individuals in demand, new software technologies will almost require that entrants in this field will need some kind of formal training.

This new medical practice management software program introduces a new reporting modules that adds up to 200 more additional financial [Read More]

Kaplan University Announces New RN to MSN Degree

Nursing students are not only in demand, but they have many opportunities for work in both the public and private sectors. Registered Nurses who continue their education can earn their Master of Science in Nursing, which advances them in their field. Kaplan University recently announced several new programs, and one of them makes is easier for nurses to get their RN to MSN degree.

"Kaplan University is continuously creating new degree programs in order to offer students the most [Read More]

Astronomy Degrees Rock

Students often can't decide what they want to be when they grow up, or what they should major in in college. Regardless of your age or current job, you can always go to school and earn you degree. Michael Koppelman, a former rock star, who performed and recorded with Prince, was fascinated by the night sky and wanted to get his degree in astronomy.

"I can't look at anything and not think about the physics behind it. When [Read More]

Work Independently as a Home Inspector

When buying a home, the most critical point in the transaction can be the home inspection. This can often reveal unexpected problems with the home that buyers were not aware of. Specially trained professionals do these inspections, and the will have had to earn their diploma in home inspection. These professionals can earn up to 800 dollars a day.

The time after the home inspection is a critical time during a transaction. Buyers are often overwhelmed by [Read More]

A Career That Adds Up

Money makes the world go round, and accountants can help make sure your money is well managed. Earning your degree in accounting can endure you a job in the financial industry. Here are two good reasons to earn your accounting degree online.

1. Vast Employment Opportunities:

If you're superb with numbers, enthusiastic to put in extended hours, and can stay calm and focused under stress, then Accounting is the profession for you.

There is an increasing demand for capable [Read More]

Taking Business on the Road

Many traditional fields of work can be turned in to other ventures. A Tennessee woman who has a veterinary degree has turned her practice to one on four wheels.

Veterinarians measure their success in the number of dogs, cats and other animals they heal during a career, and while Dr. Amy Serino Moffat is no different in that regard, she has another way to gauge her accomplishments " the odometer.

As the owner of MobileVet Memphis LLC, Moffat spends her [Read More]

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