Hot Property: 5 Property Management Blogs to Read

Selling New York. Househunters International. Property Brothers. Shows chronicling the wheelings and dealings of real estate insiders have become hot properties themselves, and with good reason: This is one exciting field. But while realtors and stagers get all the glory on TV, they represent only part of the industry. Property management is another often overlooked field that can be every bit as exciting, especially if you are great at what you do.

To say property managers manage property is like saying pilots fly planes: It is true, but gives little insight into the skill such a feat requires. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, property managers actually work to protect or increase property value, a task that requires a great deal of real estate and marketing know-how, not to mention a keen understanding of real estate laws and regulations. As a result, great property managers can earn a pretty penny: The BLS notes that the median property management salary in 2010 was $51,480, but the top 10 percent earn in excess of $111,320.

So, how do you become a great property manager? Knowing your field inside and out is a great start. Property management degree programs can lay the groundwork, but for ongoing news and trends that impact the field turn to the blogosphere. Here are five hot property management blogs to get you on your way.

1. All Things Property Management

When it comes to being a successful property manager, it is important to keep abreast of news or trends that impact your field. All Things Property Management is staffed by a number of experienced property management professionals from various markets across the country (and even Australia). Check in regularly to catch their indispensible insights and advice on the field or property management and its best practices.

2. SD Sunset Property Management Blog

This blog is written by property management pros Andrew Grinnell and Mike Nicksi from Sunset Property Management in San Diego, Calif. Sure, these guys are local to the San Diego metro, but their topics are universal and down-right useful.

3. Property Management 2.0

This blog -- maintained by First Light Property Management in Manhattan Beach, Calif. -- lives up to its tagline, which promises the "latest revelations, innovations and forward thinking for the property management world." Topics range from swimming pools to real estate law (and everything in between). A must-add for any property manager's blog reader.

4. Residential Property Management Blog

Many property management blogs are multi-faceted, covering topics from a wide breadth of property types, while many others focus on commercial properties. This blog, maintained by Residential Property Management, is unique in that its sole focus is on residential properties, and because RPM represents property management companies from all across the country, you can expect topical discussions wherever you're located.

5. M Brewer Group Blog

In this information age, every industry benefits from solid marketing, and property management is no exception. This marketing-centric blog is written by veteran property management pro Mike Brewer, a seasoned blogger truly in the know. Come for the marketing tips; stay for the excellent writing.

Up the Ante: Get the Right Training

Property management can be a competitive field, particularly within the more lucrative world of commercial or high-end properties. You can separate yourself from your competitors by simply becoming more knowledgeable or experienced than they are. Sure, reading the blogs listed above will keep you up to speed on the latest industry news, but they are no replacement for a formal property management degree. Not all successful pros earn a degree in property management, but according to the BLS, formal training can boost your career stock (not to mention your bottom line).

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