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December 15 2017, 9:09PM PST

Top Healthcare Management Schools

Health care is a large growth field, and in that, so is health care management. This area is the field relating to leadership, management, and administration of hospitals, and health care systems. Earning a bachelors degree in health care management will only get you started in this field, as a graduate degree is considered a standard credential for most health administrators. A master's degree in health care management prepares you for high level jobs in areas such as [Read More]

Top 10 Electrical Engineering Schools

Electrical engineers design and develop electrical equipment. Mathematical principles are at the basis of engineering, and are used to help electrical engineers to develop devices such as electric motors, machinery controls, and more. Electrical engineer degree holders design the electrical systems of vehicles, radars and navigation, and aircraft. Electrical engineering degree courses cover robotics, integrated circuits, power systems, and computer hardware design. Us News has ranked to best undergraduate engineering schools that specialize in electrical, electronics, [Read More]

Top 10 Psychology Programs

Psychologists study human behavior and mental processes through observation and interpretation. Psychology degree holders work in a variety of settings based on their degree level. Some fields include metal health care in hospital or clinical settings, schools and private settings. US News has ranked the top schools for psychology degrees.

1. Stanford University
2. University of California--Berkeley
3. Harvard University
4. University of California--Los Angeles
5. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
6. Yale University
7. [Read More]

Top 10 Pharmacy Schools

Jobs in the health care sector are some of the most sought after careers. With an aging population, more and more health professionals with medical degrees are needed to keep up with demand. Pharmacy is considered a growth industry by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and will see a 17 percent growth in the next 8 years. US News and world report has ranked the top schools for you to earn your pharmacy degree.

1. University of [Read More]

Top 20 Things You Should Do Before You Go For Studying Abroad

With the increasing globalization and connectivity between different parts of the world, the number of students migrating from one country to another for higher studies has also increased significantly. Every year thousands of students migrate from one country to another (usually from the developing to developed nations) to study in various universities.

Going abroad for studying isn't easy. If you have any doubts, ask that student who's planning to do it. There are just so many things to take care of. After [Read More]

Top 10 Computer Science Schools

US News and World report ranks schools across the country that have the best degree programs. Computer science is a very popular degree, and the top 10 computer science programs are as follows.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Stanford University

3. University of California--Berkeley

4. Carnegie Mellon University

5. University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign

6. Cornell University

7. Princeton University

8. University of Washington

9. Georgia Institute of Technology

10. University of Texas--Austin

Earning a computer science degree from one of the top schools can open doors for a great future. [Read More]

Top Public Colleges in The U.S.

There are many great public and private colleges and universities in the country. US News and World report regularly ranks the top schools in the country, and they have put out a list of the top public liberal arts schools in the Nation. The top three schools are military academies.

1. United States Military Academy West Point

2. United States Naval Academy Annapolis

3. Virginia Military Institute

4. St. Mary's College of Maryland

5. New College of Florida

West Point has a longstanding history of [Read More]

Undergraduate Online School Recommendations

A community college is typically a trade or prep college where students either take prerequisites prior to entering a bachelor's degree program at a four-year college or they study for a diploma, certificate, or associate's degree that will enable them to obtain a job in a trade industry. Community college is also known as your undergraduate study.

There are many popular undergraduate online schools that offer online courses, including PCDI and [Read More]

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