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December 14 2017, 6:59AM PST

The High Price of Education

Students today face many big questions when looking at going to college. Which college is right for me? What should I major in? But even more importantly is the question - How do I pay for college?

Now at an all time high, the overall cost of a college education in the U.S. is projected to reach $220 billion this year, nearly half of which will be financed by students or their parents. Despite this, the benefits of a [Read More]

Can you Qualify for Federal Aid?

Back in 1990 the rules changed for students looking to qualify for financial aid - things havent gotten better since. The federal government has limited funding for students whose families have financial means, changing its guidelines for qualification as a dependant. These days to be qualified as a dependant, you must be over 24, a ward of the courts, married, or in graduate school.

That leaves you in a tough spot if you're officially "dependent," but your parents can't or [Read More]

Sponsored Post: The Financial Aid Podcast Launches JobCast

Some students attend college for the richness of experience; others go in order to set up a promising financial future. Whatever your motivation, you're going to need a good job when you graduate. But how in the world will you...

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