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January 17 2018, 9:01PM PST

Life Balance: Managing Your Student Debt and Finances

Being buried under a mountain of student debt can be a tough way to start out in the workforce. When your first paychecks start rolling in, you will kiss a bunch of money goodbye when you have to repay your students loans. So how can you build a future AND pay off your student debts? A recent post had a few great pointers on how.

Learn about your loans. Many student loans allow for a 6-9 month grace period [Read More]

Ellis College Instates New Tuition Discount Program

Administrators at Ellis College, one of the leading, accredited online colleges, has recently announced that they are initiating a new tuition discount program to sworn officers, including law enforcement, corrections, probation, and security officers as well as their spouses. This discount is available to both active and retired officers. According to United Business Media, the following discounts are now available at Ellis College:

  • 20% Tuition Discount: Active, full time sworn officers and security professionals.
  • 15% Tuition Discount: Retired sworn officers [Read More]

Want to go to Graduate School but Fear a Mountain of Debt?

The high cost of graduate school shouldn't end your dreams of going. Best bet is to approach you finance sensibly and utilize the help that's available. Here is some more advice.

Shaving expenses. Graduate students and aid officers say a few simple strategies can reduce the chances of being saddled with a lifetime of onerous payments. It starts at the very beginning, with the choice of grad school. But even if students don't choose a low-cost school, they can [Read More]

Will you be able to pay for College?

The cost of college tuition has been on a steady rise over the last few years will most likely continue. How much do you think college will cost when your kids are ready to go?

If you plan early on you can put away enough money to pay for or at least help with the costs of a college education.

CNN Money offers some tips on saving for you child's college education.

The sooner you start saving, the better.
Even [Read More]

Cheap Online College: The Factors to Consider

When trying to find the most cost-efficient online school, you'll need to consider more than just the per-credit hour tuition rate. There are many things that will affect the amount of money that you're going to pay out over the duration of your college education. This article explains the factors you'll need to consider when looking for a cheap online college:

Financial Aid Availability
If you think that your income level would qualify you for financial aid in the form of [Read More]

Covering the Cost of Education

Do you know how much it is going to cost you to send your child to college? Do you have any contingency plans if you cannot get scholarships, grants or other financial aid? Careful planning is a must for parents of students who plan on attending college.

Many parents and their children approach the college process much like the deer running into the road. They just dart out there and hope for the best.

Given how much a college education [Read More]

Private College Loans - Understanding the Risks

Students are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a college education. Federal Stafford loans are not available to everyone, so some students are turning to private college loans. Although these loans allow students to attend college, they carry a higher risk than government loans.

Private loans are the fastest-growing sector of the multibillion-dollar student loan industry. In 2005-06, college students borrowed a record $17.3 billion in private loans, up 913 percent from a decade ago, according [Read More]

What is the Value of a College Degree?

So you are ready to go to college " you have your major picked out " and a career in mind. But what is your college degree really going to be worth in the real world?

College graduates made an average of $51,554 in 2004, the most recent figures available, compared with $28,645 for adults with a high school diploma. High school dropouts earned an average of $19,169 and those with advanced college degrees made an average of $78,093.

"There appear [Read More]

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