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January 17 2018, 9:50PM PST

Grad School Payoff

Going to graduate school and earning your masters degree or PhD is a big decision to make after you graduate with your bachelors degree. US news and world report posted some information on having a graduate degree.

Those who finish their grad degrees also tend to earn bigger paychecks. The average worker with a college degree earns about $42,000 a year. Master's degree recipients earn an average of $52,000. Ph.D.'s earn an average of about [Read More]

Funding Grad School

Continuing your education and going to graduate school to earn your master's degree or PhD sounds like a great idea, but how do you fund such extensive education? During tough economic times, many schools have less money to fund grad students which will lower your chances of affording school. But, if you really want to up your odds, there are some things you should know. US News offers some tips on how to get financial aid for your graduate school [Read More]

Students Wait out Recession in Graduate School

Students today that finding entering the job market is a tough thing to do, so many students in this economic climate are waiting out the recession and staying in school to earn their masters degree. Taking the extra time to go to graduate school will hopefully give these students the edge to get jobs when the graduate.

If you've considered going back to school, you're not alone. When stocks slide and layoffs loom, colleges see an increase in adult [Read More]

Corporate Sponsors in the Classroom?

Teacher layoffs are prevalent in cities around the country, but California is facing a real crisis with the education budget. Students who are looking to earn their associates degree or bachelor's degree may soon find that cutbacks in the state might mean that certain classes are in danger of becoming extinct.

The nation's economic crisis is forcing schools to take unprecedented steps to survive: laying off teachers, cutting bus services, eliminating summer classes. But more drastic measures may [Read More]

A Career That Adds Up

Money makes the world go round, and accountants can help make sure your money is well managed. Earning your degree in accounting can endure you a job in the financial industry. Here are two good reasons to earn your accounting degree online.

1. Vast Employment Opportunities:

If you're superb with numbers, enthusiastic to put in extended hours, and can stay calm and focused under stress, then Accounting is the profession for you.

There is an increasing demand for capable [Read More]

Delaware Gets Funding for Criminal Justice

Criminal justice majors are in demand as our country is continually trying to keep up with states need for improved crime control. The state of Delaware announced that it had received funds from the recovery act to help fund necessary program in the state.

More than $6.6 million in funding for the CJC is being made available through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program. This federal grant was first announced by Attorney General Eric Holder in [Read More]

PhD Programs: Funding For Science Fellowships is Needed

New York State is looking for scientists. The Yeshiva University of medical science is seeing a lack of students who want to earn their PhD degree to become scientists. Many students don't even consider the degree due to the expense and lack of funding for fellowships.

The Obama administration has called for tripling the number of science fellowships in graduate education in the 2010 budget to draw more students into the field.

Only 1 in 10 applicants get [Read More]

How to Get Online College Scholarships

A scholarship is a form of financial aid that is awarded to a student based on certain qualities such as financial need, educational merit, involvement in community service, or membership in a certain group. However, each scholarship will have its own specific requirements. Scholarships vary in amount and do not have to be repaid. Often, students are required to submit certain things in order to be considered for a scholarship, including an application, FAFSA results, and an essay.

There [Read More]

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