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December 15 2017, 9:13PM PST

The Benefits of Online Education

The main benefit of earning a degree online is that you can earn your degree around your work and family schedule. This means that people who would otherwise be unable now have a way to attend college and earn a degree. However, there are many other benefits of earning a degree online that aren't as obvious. According to PR-GB.com:

Learning online through a distance learning college offers the same quality and degree weight that would be received through a traditional [Read More]

Website Offers Free College Admissions Counseling

College admission counselors help students decide on what colleges to apply to by considering their grades, their involvement in extracurricular activities, and their desires for their education. Hiring the services of a college admissions counselor can be costly, as much as $6,500 for the process. However, the American Educational Guidance Center is offering free college admissions counseling, until August 15th, to the first 300 students who request it. According to North Texas e-News:

There is just one catch. Students must agree [Read More]

Online High School Arrives in North Carolina

High school students in North Carolina will soon have a new way to earn their diploma. North Carolina is one of the many states that are beginning to offer high school courses online. Administrators hope that students will be able to complete their degrees in as little as two years, or, if it takes longer, to earn an associate's degree as well as their high school diploma. According to Goldsboro News-Argus:

Some of the programs provide dual credit for high school [Read More]

Virtual Internships Are On the Rise

One of the most hampering aspects of online learning is that it hinders a student's ability to score an internship or work-study position that offers them work experience in their field of study. While many students work in their field while also earning their degree online, many others are not able to work in their field and are unable to be set up with an internship position due to the fact that their online school is half a country away from [Read More]

Concord Law, America's First Virtual Law School

No more must potential law students send out a dozen lengthy and expensive law school applications and wait with bated breath for an opportunity to move across the country, uproot their families, give up their jobs and endure 80-hour weeks full of law classes, study groups and exams. Now, future lawyers need go no further than their computer to gain a fully accredited law degree and join the legal ranks. The South Florida Business Journal reports:

Distance education becomes instant learning. [Read More]

Study Shows the Benefits of Online Degrees

A recent study performed by Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative shows that online students perform just as well if not better than traditional students in the classroom. Besides being a faster and more convenient means of earning a degree, studying online has been shown to be just as valuable as studying in a traditional classroom. According to KRISTV:

Ongoing research being conducted by cognitive scientists and education experts at Carnegie Mellon University suggests that it is. Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative [Read More]

New Database Focuses Solely on Online PhD Programs

A new website directory was launched this month that focuses solely on online schools that offer PhD programs. Doctorate-Degree-PhD-Directory.com recognizes the value of online education for individuals pursuing their PhD and scoured the Internet looking for the top online PhD programs for their database. According to EWorldWire Press:

The beauty of pursuing a degree online lies in its convenience. Chances are when students are pursuing a doctorate, they are already working in their field of study, full-time, and finding the time [Read More]

Online Textbooks Are a Low-Cost Way to Prepare Students for Online Classes

Signing up for a class online is a great way to check out a new career interest without giving up any other schedule commitments. However, it's not always the most financially savvy way to figure out how much you're interested in a new career.
One entrepreneur, boggled by the high costs of textbooks, has built a web site where curious students can take a look at potential course topics by perusing free textbooks online at TextbookRevolution.org. Meant to ease the [Read More]

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