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January 17 2018, 5:34PM PST

The Future of the Web, and the Implications for Education

Though we here at ODT pride ourselves on being very current, we still want to take a moment and re-examine Pranav Mistry's vision of the internet's future. He calls it the SixthSense.

Some of you have seen this speech before; he delivered it at TED a few months back and the video quickly spread across the internet. Regardless, it's totally fascinating and worth another look.

Issues that we're keen on:

-If this vision were to be realized how might it revolutionize online education?

-Will [Read More]

The Forthcoming Data Revolution in Education

Data currently informs so much of what we do. Amazon.com tells us what books we'll enjoy based on what we purchased in the past. Netflix does very much the same thing with movies. Facebook suggests friends algorithmically and now, as of last week, Twitter does too.

The process of formally educating one's self and/or one's children has been slow to adjust to the internet. The reasons are understandable: The acquisition of knowledge is one of the single most important things we [Read More]

Public Relations Degree: The Digital Age

A company's image can often be more important than the products and services that it provides. Today's digital media has changed the face of PR by offering a great deal of opportunities for good will advertising, and image overhauls. Earning a public relations degree can get you started in this modernized field.

Here's the good news. Before the economy collapsed, the PR industry was already in the midst of a revolution. Digital communication began its exponential proliferation long before last [Read More]

Data Modeling Degrees Take Shape

Different industries have different requirements for what they need from their data. Organizations today need quick and precise access to data in order to maintain their competitive edge, and those who have a data modeling degree can start a career in this growth industry.

In today's business world change is a constant and companies need to ensure that they keep up with that change. Whether the change is an opportunistic response to new conditions - requirements, regulations, market conditions, a [Read More]

Rhode Island Looks at Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education gives young students the tools they need to succeed in kindergarten and elementary students. Teachers who earn an early childhood education degree will have a great career where they help children prepare for their education.

Nationally, Rhode Island trails most states in early childhood initiatives. It is one of only 12 states that does not offer a public pre-kindergarten program to 4-year-olds. Instead, parents must pay for private preschool, offered in family daycare settings, child-care centers [Read More]

College Majors Change to Suit Job Market

Students entering college to earn their associates degree or bachelor's degree need to consider if the major they intend to pursue is viable in today's economy. Students who earn a nursing degree or engineering degree know that there are great jobs out there that are in need of top candidates.

Mindful of the worst job market in more than 25 years, many students enrolling in colleges and universities this fall are considering majors that they believe will [Read More]

Corporate Sponsors in the Classroom?

Teacher layoffs are prevalent in cities around the country, but California is facing a real crisis with the education budget. Students who are looking to earn their associates degree or bachelor's degree may soon find that cutbacks in the state might mean that certain classes are in danger of becoming extinct.

The nation's economic crisis is forcing schools to take unprecedented steps to survive: laying off teachers, cutting bus services, eliminating summer classes. But more drastic measures may [Read More]

Medical Billing: Software For the Next Generation

The field of medical billing is undergoing a lot of change and innovations recently. For those looking to work in healthcare, earning a degree in medical billing would be a great idea. Not only are those individuals in demand, new software technologies will almost require that entrants in this field will need some kind of formal training.

This new medical practice management software program introduces a new reporting modules that adds up to 200 more additional financial [Read More]

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