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January 15 2018, 9:19PM PST

Map Technology Helps Sociology Students Visualize Ethnic Divisions

A sociology professor at California State University at San Marcos turned to advanced mapping technology to help her students learn about themselves and their communities, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Hoping to prod her students into reflecting on how racial and ethnic identities shape their lives, associate professor Theresa Suarez taught them to superimpose demographic data about race and ethnicity onto maps of their local communities. Using digital pushpins, they then marked the places where they shopped, worked, went to [Read More]

'Smart' Classroom Wins One of 2011 AMX Innovation Awards

The winners of the 2011 AMX Innovation Awards have been announced, according to a June 15 article in the San Francisco Chronicle. The awards, given to individuals and institutions in the AMX Education Alliance, reward innovation and accomplishment in higher education technology.

Among the winners was Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, in Pomona, N.J., which created a computer teaching facility that blends videoconferencing, remote training and expanded course offerings in its computer teaching facility. The school received a $25,000 prize to [Read More]

Real-Time Lectures and FB-Style Profiles for USC Online Program

With tools like virtual classrooms and interactive student profiles, an increase in customization is advancing online education at many schools. Educators at the University of Southern California (USC) have found specific benefits to bringing classes online.

"Putting the education online means you can see what issues are universal," Melora Sundt, associate dean of academic programs at USC's Rossier School of Education, told The Atlantic. "It's wonderful to hear students say, 'I have that issue in Kansas!' and 'I have the same issue [Read More]

Getting smart with educational smartphone apps

Compost your No. 2 pencils and paper (if you still have any), and power down the laptop. Today's classroom necessities can be accessed from your mobile phone.

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the college classroom. Smartphones power new ways for students to learn, access information and communicate with each other. They create a "24-7 learning environment," according to Sprint educational sales director Ed Davalos. In 2007, the New Media Consortium said that "the time is approaching when these little devices will be as [Read More]

Tablet Learning Opens New Horizons in Education

A few decades ago, the thought of students using anything other than paper, pencil and a thick textbook to learn in a traditional classroom was the stuff of dreams. By the late 1990s, computer laptops in the classroom had become the norm. Today, the iPad is showing up everywhere from elementary school to college campuses.

How has the iPad changed the way we learn?

Tablet learning has been touted as the ultimate synthesis of computing with mobile communication, including a keyboard, mouse, graphics [Read More]

Careers in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is remaking the IT landscape with a simple innovation: the migration of computing from a centralized, single-tenant IT architecture to a distributed, multi-tenant architecture spanning a vast network of PCs. Cloud Computing Journal describes the technology as "the infrastructural paradigm shift that is sweeping across the enterprise IT world." The new IT shifts the emphasis from desktop hardware to data, impacting work styles, IT resource management, and your IT career opportunities.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing redefines the data [Read More]

Careers in Adaptive Learning

Right now "Adaptive Learning" is mostly just a buzzphrase tossed around by academics, venture capitalists, and sagacious entrepreneurs -- but it will be coming to a web browser near you soon.

Its an elusive term, meaning many different things to different people. What almost everyone can agree on is that data mining will be brought to education. Just like Google uses historical data from past searches to provide better-targeted search results tomorrow, some company or companies (and dozens are currently duking it [Read More]

Careers in Augmented Reality

'Augmented reality' has become a hot term in new media since the MIT Media Lab unveiled SixthSense, an interactive data projection device, at the 2009 TED conference. The projection of virtual information onto the physical environment is already revolutionizing video games and mobile phone apps. Next up: healthcare, military training, and product marketing innovations. To take part in the new and improved digital future, train for careers in augmented reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality leverages existing technologies to create a single, [Read More]

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