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December 17 2017, 3:20PM PST

Troy Aikman Earns Degree

Many adults would like to go back to school to earn their associates degree, or bachelor's degree, but many think that after years away from school it may be too late to go back and earn their degree. But, 21 years after leaving college, NFL Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman, finally earned a sociology degree. Aikman is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, leading his Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles. He's [Read More]

Executive Coaching a 1 Billion Dollar Industry

Executive Coaching is a growing and lucrative business where a consultant provides custom coaching that is tailored to a client. The coach and client work together to design a unique business coaching process that will create the desired positive outcome. To work in this field, you will need to earn an executive coaching certificate.

As an American career coach in Rome, (Megan) Fitzgerald is also on the front lines of a global revolution. Career coaching is a fast-growing and [Read More]

Capella Announces Business PhD

Online programs are definitely going through a great growth. Today you can even find online PhD programs. Capella University recently announced its Doctorate in business program is now available

Capella University on Thursday said it's launched an online doctorate program for business, with specializations in general business and accounting.

"Enrollment in undergraduate and MBA programs is growing, but there has not been equivalent growth in the number of doctoral-qualified business faculty to meet the demand," said William Reed, acting dean [Read More]

Students in Ohio Get More Than Just a Diploma

Earning an associates degree is a great way to kick start you career without spending many years in school. Students earning their high school diploma in Ohio have however managed to kill two birds with one stone. These motivated students were able to earn their associates degree while they were earning their diplomas.

While more than 440 graduates were awarded diplomas or certificates last week at Northwest State Community College, a handful accomplished an interesting feat -- earning [Read More]

Business and Health Care in One Degree

The health care industry is hot, but you want to earn your business major online. There are many exciting areas to pursue in the business world, and Capella University had found a way to parlay these two markets in to one degree. Capella University recently announced that it will be adding a new program in their Bachelor of Science in Business online degree program, with a Health Care Management specialization.

"Aspiring health care administrators must often choose between a [Read More]

No Degree for These Top Execs

Thinking that getting your business degree or MBA is the only way to be rich? For most of us, having a solid college education is the smartest way to become success in our world. But that doesn't mean that having a business degree or MBA is the only way to go. Several of the wealthiest people on the fortune 500 don't have a college degree, let alone an MBA

The thousands of wait-listed would-be MBAs who [Read More]

Stanford Announces New Dean for Business School

A global economy is international economic activity which includes the world-wide integration of markets for goods, services, labor, and capital. People who earn their business degree or MBA can become key players in many different markets around the world. Schools like Stanford are making strides in education for business students, and the appointment of a new dean at Stanford's Graduate School of Business is just a start.

The new dean of Stanford's Graduate School of Business is Garth [Read More]

National Pharmacy Technician Association Offers Certificate Programs

Have you ever wanted to work in a pharmacy, but don't want to spend years in school? There are certificate programs available to students who specifically want to work in a retail pharmacy environment. Theses program often require less time than even associates degree programs.

The National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA) announced today the launch of the Official NPTA Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program���, a comprehensive online training program. The new program is designed to meet [Read More]

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