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November 23 2017, 3:58PM PST

Health Services Remain Strong

Studying for a degree in health care is the first step in making a career of helping others. Earning a health services degree will prepare you for a jobs in various health care sectors, some of the most popular fields being medical assisting, medical billing and coding, and physical therapy.

Jobs in health care and those requiring postsecondary education will show the biggest gains by 2016, according to a report released on Monday by the president's [Read More]

California Announces Online Nursing Program

In response to a need for licensed nurses in the state of California, Governor Schwarzenegger announced a plan help students obtain their nursing degree online.

Classes begin in California this month for the nation's first accredited, online baccalaureate degree nursing program approved by the Education/Licensing Committee of the Board of Registered Nurses.

"This partnership is a great example of our healthcare providers, educators, and the state working together to alleviate our nursing shortage and get more Californians to work," Gov. Arnold [Read More]

Kaplan University Announces New RN to MSN Degree

Nursing students are not only in demand, but they have many opportunities for work in both the public and private sectors. Registered Nurses who continue their education can earn their Master of Science in Nursing, which advances them in their field. Kaplan University recently announced several new programs, and one of them makes is easier for nurses to get their RN to MSN degree.

"Kaplan University is continuously creating new degree programs in order to offer students the most [Read More]

Patient Care Aids Make a Difference

Patient care is a very integral part of the medical industry. Nursing assistants are trained to perform basic patient care under the supervision of registered nurses and/or licensed practical nurses. Good patient care makes patients feel a little less stressed about their current medical situations. Earning your patient care degree prepares you for a career as a nursing aide.

Graduates leaving college with training in health-related fields may have an easier time finding jobs than other graduates, state and [Read More]

Obama Administration Needs Spies

There is a heightened emphasis on Homeland Security since the terrorist attacks in
September 2001. Our government is in need of highly skilled workers to help maintain our
national security. Earning a homeland security degree can prepare you for many exciting
careers working for the United States Government.

The Obama administration wants to advance the nation's intelligence capacity by training a cadre of spies through an ROTC-like corps at the nation's colleges, The Washington Post reported.

The [Read More]

Graphic Design Degree

Graphic design is an extremely popular career choice for those with artistic talent, and a love for working with computers. This kind of work can also be done from home on a freelance basis, but formal training s a standard prerequisite. A degree in graphic design can open opportunities for financial and personal freedom.

It's important to highlight the distinction between web design and graphic design. Those who do graphic design concentrate mostly on print work. They create [Read More]

Is Your Computer Secure?

Almost everything you encounter during the day involves a computer.  From the coffee you stop and get, the gas pump you use, and the credit card transaction for lunch.  Computers are and integral part of our lives, but who is keeping them secure?  People who have earned a computer security degree.

The first thing to understand is that computer security has been and always will be a branch of information security. The primary objective of computer security is to [Read More]

Forensic Nurses are In Demand

All we are hearing about these days is the economy and the lack of employment opportunities. While this is a fact, there are some fields that are in dire need of qualified workers. Nursing is one such field. There are nurses needed in traditional and research capacities, but there are also many jobs available for those who have a forensic nursing degree.

The U.S. Department of Labor's March 2008 Employment Situation Summary reports employment in the [Read More]

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