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December 17 2017, 3:08PM PST

Business Degree: What Does Your Major Say About You?

Did you know that your choice of college major could tell someone how religious you are? A recent study looked in to people's frequency of church attendance versus their choice of major using business degree students at their reference point.

A lot of people might expect that those who study physical sciences become the least religious during their tenure at school. The research found that this is not the case; a course of study in the sciences, such as physics [Read More]

Walden Offers Business Administration Degree in Spanish

Online degree programs are taking steps towards making their programs more accessible to Spanish speaking students. Walden University recently announced the launch of a Spanish language business administration degree program to help English learners earn their degree.

Walden University has launched an online B.S. in Business Administration degree taught in Spanish with the option to learn English. The curriculum is fully delivered in Spanish, and is supported by a full suite of Spanish-language services. Walden's program is designed to [Read More]

Online Degrees: States Face Budget Cuts for Higher Education

Budget cuts may hinder the progress of students who may be looking to go to school in the fall and earn their associates or bachelors degrees. Many schools will be facing furloughs and a lower number of classes to accommodate smaller budgets.

A few weeks after wrapping up their budgets for the new fiscal year, lawmakers in some states already expect a new round of spending cuts, including to higher education, as tax revenues continue to fall.

Estimates of [Read More]

Rhode Island Looks at Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education gives young students the tools they need to succeed in kindergarten and elementary students. Teachers who earn an early childhood education degree will have a great career where they help children prepare for their education.

Nationally, Rhode Island trails most states in early childhood initiatives. It is one of only 12 states that does not offer a public pre-kindergarten program to 4-year-olds. Instead, parents must pay for private preschool, offered in family daycare settings, child-care centers [Read More]

Students Wait out Recession in Graduate School

Students today that finding entering the job market is a tough thing to do, so many students in this economic climate are waiting out the recession and staying in school to earn their masters degree. Taking the extra time to go to graduate school will hopefully give these students the edge to get jobs when the graduate.

If you've considered going back to school, you're not alone. When stocks slide and layoffs loom, colleges see an increase in adult [Read More]

Computer Security is a National Priority

The U.S. Department of Justice performed a survey on computer crime and found that 74% of those surveyed reported being a victim of some kind of computer crime. That number alone would give the impression that specialists are needed in this field. For students unsure of what area to major in, computer security degrees are increasingly necessary.

The federal government is at risk of being unable to fight off attacks on the nation's computer networks unless it [Read More]

ITT Tech Sees Increased Enrollment

Going back to school is a trend that continues for working adults who are looking to move forward in their career. Schools like ITT Technical Institute are seeing a great increase in enrollment, even thought the economy has still not recovered.

Riding a wave for much of the last decade, the business of adult education seems to be heading toward an all-time high as America's economy tries to avoid hitting an all-time low. And with more and more Oklahomans out [Read More]

Obama to Revamp Two Year Colleges

Online Degrees are exceedingly popular. There are over 400,000 students enrolled annually and that number is expected to keep growing. Those looking to earn their associates degree will find that the Obama administration is earmarking money to help more people go back to school.

President Barack Obama's $12 billion community college initiative could have an impact on the fortunes of for-profit education companies that offer associate degrees, but analysts say funding for the program is not big enough [Read More]

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