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January 15 2018, 11:23PM PST

Top 10 Computer Science Schools

US News and World report ranks schools across the country that have the best degree programs. Computer science is a very popular degree, and the top 10 computer science programs are as follows.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Stanford University

3. University of California--Berkeley

4. Carnegie Mellon University

5. University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign

6. Cornell University

7. Princeton University

8. University of Washington

9. Georgia Institute of Technology

10. University of Texas--Austin

Earning a computer science degree from one of the top schools can open doors for a great future. [Read More]

Baker College Announces BSN Online

Nurses across the country are finding themselves in the unique position to be some of the most in demand professionals despite the economy. Many nurses are utilizing online schools to further their career by earning their Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing, or BSN. Baker College has thus launched an online degree program so nurses can earn their BSN.

The Internet arm of Baker College plans to launch a baccalaureate degree in nursing that's designed for working [Read More]

Where Did the Computer Science Majors Go?

Certain areas of study have been seeing declines in enrollment over the last several years. The number of students enrolled in computer science degree programs, for example, has plummeted by a significant percentage.

Large segments of the U.S. population are not considering careers in IT, shaping a shortage in qualified developers. Few students are enrolling in computer science courses, and a dwindling number of those are women and minorities, government experts say.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts high [Read More]

Physical Therapy: First Online Doctorate is Offered.

Physical therapy is a high growth area in the healthcare field. Those who have a degree in physical therapy may want to continue their education and go back to school and earn their doctorate. The University of South Dakota has now come up with a unique online program to facilitate a doctorate in physical therapy.

USD will now offer an online transitional doctorate of physical therapy degree (tDPT) through the School of Health Sciences.

This is the first online doctoral [Read More]

The Unemployed Turn to Nursing Degrees

The economic downturn has affected people in a variety of businesses across the board. Some people have found themselves completely out of business and looking to do something else. Many are returning to school to earn nursing degrees or medical degrees to fill the need for medical personnel and nurses across the country.

Art and Tillie Pease once had a thriving yacht brokerage business on Kent Island that once pulled in $3 million in sales.

Today, the couple [Read More]

Associates Degree: Streamlining California Colleges

Many California students who have chosen - or have no choice but - to attend a state community college are finding that transferring their credits to a four year school is not always easy. That is why California is now proposing associate degree programs that are fully transferable to four year State schools.

The report's authors cite trends showing that, by 2025, there will be one million fewer college graduates than are needed in the work force. One way to [Read More]

Walden University Gets Positive Feedback From Students

When choosing an online school for your bachelors or masters degree, you will want to choose a school with a reputation where students feel that the have had a great experience. Walden University is one of those schools whose reputation keeps its enrollment high.

Having a college education is an important step toward career success, but alumni and students of Walden University : are benefiting from more than just job opportunities. According to recent survey results, 75 percent of graduates [Read More]

What Drives Women MBA's?

Women looking in to earning their MBA degree in high pressure and risky areas such as finance may find that hormones are a factor for their career choice. A recent study looked at women and their exposure to testosterone as a reason they take on precarious careers.

Higher testosterone levels might explain why some women seek out risky financial trading jobs while others stick to more stable business careers, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

Female MBA students with higher levels [Read More]

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