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January 18 2018, 9:21PM PST

Courses for distance learning librarians

Over at LibraryHQ.com there is a great listing for those looking into library degrees via distance learning....

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Online Education Helps Students Overcome Adversity

Besides being blessed with delightfully creative names, brothers Famous and Special Kirk have recently encountered another blessing: a chance to further their education online. Among the huge devastation left in Hurricane Katrina's wake was the ruining of many schools and...

Online education has no barriers.

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Va. law would lift degree requirement

No other state requires home-school parents to have a college degree if they don't want to follow a set state-approved curriculum.
March 14, 2006

After 16 years of home schooling her seven children, ages 5 to 19, Betsy White knows how to get them to read, to understand arithmetic and to research anything she doesn't know.

But public school teachers have something White doesn't have - a college degree.

Without a degree, the Gloucester County mom had to submit a detailed [Read More]

Students Earn Degrees Online

By: Angela Blanchard

Lesley Frohlich is planning to graduate in June with a 2 year degree in business management. But she has never been required to set foot in class. A majority of colleges and universities are now offering online courses. One study shows at least 2.3 million people took an online course in 2004. Online learning was originally designed for students living far from campus. Now, that`s not always the case. Frohlich lives just fifteen minutes from school, but [Read More]

Welcome to our Blog!

The staff at Online Degrees Today.com would officially like to welcome you to our Blog! Here we will discuss the importance of online education, announce new school launches, program changes with existing schools, and more. Stay tuned as we'll have new information daily.

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Earning a degree online just got easier

Anne Fisher from Fortune says it best.....
Earning a degree online just got easier
Giving your career a boost with a distance-learning program now will be simpler -- financially, anyway. Plus, more on opportunities to work from home.
Fortune Magazine
By Anne Fisher, FORTUNE senior writer
March 7, 2006: 1:01 PM EST
If you're interested in earning a degree online - whether it's an undergraduate sheepskin; an MBA or other advanced degree; [Read More]

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