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January 15 2018, 11:23PM PST

Graduate Programs - New Trend?

Colleges and universities are seeing a big shift in the number of students who are continuing their education to receive graduate degrees. College graduates of all ages are returning to school to further their degrees.

Obtaining a bachelor's degree doesn't necessarily signal the start of full-time employment anymore nor does it mean that formal education is over. That's because more and more college students and professionals are choosing to return to the classroom to advance their educations even [Read More]

Decline in Student Population

Colleges and universities nationwide are seeing a decline in student population across the country due to the rising cost of college, and students who are not academically prepared according to a recent government study.

A commission formed by U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings found that too much time is being spent at colleges and universities on remedial work because many students have not mastered the basics. "There is an urgent need for change in America's higher education system," Spellings said yesterday. "We [Read More]

Earn your Degree from Boston University Online

Boston University Online offers students an opportunity to earn a degree without having to attend campus classes. Earning you degree online from Boston University Online allows you to earn a degree from a highly regarded university in a way that fits in to your busy schedule. World-class faculty teaches Boston University Online classes, so you can be guaranteed the highest quality education. Boston University Online currently offers more than 20 degrees and certificate programs.

Did you attend college for several [Read More]

Online Programs are Gaining Credibility

There is good news for students who want to earn their college degree, but don't have the time to attend a traditional campus. Many colleges today are offering online degrees that are of the same high quality as their campus programs. Some of these courses are even taught by campus faculty. The evolution of the online degree has made education accessible to everyone who wants to earn a degree or graduate degree on his or her own time.

Burks Oakley, associate [Read More]

Degrees of Enjoyment

Mixing education with pleasure, some MBA programs head to sunny vacation spots or tout their idyllic campus locations --

Get an MBA and a tan at the same time? Why not? Mixing business with pleasure is nothing new in the corporate world, where what happens on the golf course can be as crucial as what happens in the boardroom and executive retreats are as much an escape from the corporate world as they are an extension of it. With [Read More]

More students pursue degrees online

Enrollment spiked to 2.35M in '04, but critics argue in-person classes offer better experience.

Lois Romano / Washington Post

WASHINGTON -- Angela Bostic will get her MBA in August from the University of Maryland University College, part of a dual master's degree she is pursuing. She has never met a professor, has never sat in a classroom and has checked out the Adelphi campus only once, long after she had enrolled. In fact, until recently, the [Read More]

Learning Online

Internet educational opportunities have opened new doors for many officers
Posted: June 16th, 2006 01:38 AM PDT

Remember those matchbook covers that offered "draw-me" scholarship contests? The "winner" then got to pay for art lessons from a correspondence school.

Distance education has come a long way since then. In the last decade, it has become a rapidly expanding way for many people to earn legitimate college degrees.

Distance learning works especially well for law enforcement professionals, whose schedules can be unpredictable and involve [Read More]

Sponsored Post: The Financial Aid Podcast Launches JobCast

Some students attend college for the richness of experience; others go in order to set up a promising financial future. Whatever your motivation, you're going to need a good job when you graduate. But how in the world will you...

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