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December 15 2017, 9:12PM PST

Art Institute Online Diploma in Residential Planning

Are you interested in a career in residential planning? If so, the Art Institute Online Diploma in Residential Planning may be the right program for you. The Residential Planning program covers the basics of interior space planning, making it the perfect choice to quickly apply your skills in the residential planning field.

As a graduate of the Residential Planning program, you'll be prepared to compete for entry-level [Read More]

Baker College Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Are you interested in a career in computer programming? If so, then the Baker College Online Bachelor in Science in Computer Information Systems program may be right for you. Through this program, students learn the skills necessary for working as a computer programmer, analyst, or systems analyst.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems emphasizes the application of computer systems to solve business problems. Best of all, [Read More]

Baker Online Certificate in Web Design

Are you interested in a career in web design? If so, the Baker College Online certificate program in web design may be right for you. Changes in the marketplace in recent years now require every successful company, from corporations to at-home businesses, to maintain a website. However, few people are able to design their own websites; therefore, many require the assistance of a professional when developing [Read More]

Kaplan University Online Forensic Nursing Certificate

Interested in investigative sciences and victim advocacy? Consider the challenging field of forensic nursing. Forensic nursing combines clinical nursing practice with the law enforcement arena. If you are interested in a medical career that is combined with a criminal justice career, you should look at Kaplan University's Forensic Nursing Certificate program.

Nurses have always worked with victims and perpetrators of violent crime, but it wasn't until the early1990s that the term "forensic nursing" became a widespread description of [Read More]

AIU's Computer Network Administration Degree

Are you interested in a career in computers? Network administrators are in high demand, and American Intercontinental University offers an Online's Bachelor's in Information Technology, with a concentration in Network Administration.

AIU's network administration concentration is an accelerated program that can be completed fast. The Bachelor of IT Network Administration degree prepares students for a career as a Network Administration professional.

Students in this program will study fundamental networking principles, and the basics of networking in a variety of technological platforms. [Read More]

Become an Herbalist at Clayton College of Natural Health

Are you interested in a career in Alternative Medicine? Alternative medicine practices often use treatments that incorporate the use of herbal therapies in medical and health care. Finding healing powers in plants is an ancient idea, and people have used hundreds of indigenous plants for treatment of various ailments dating back to prehistory.

Clayton College of Natural Health is a national leader in alternative medicine studies, and offers 3 certificate programs for those who want to become an herbalist. [Read More]

A.T. Still University Master of Science in Geriatrics

An increased population of elderly Americans today has led to a greater demand for healthcare workers that specialize in geriatrics. Americas aging generation will increase the demand even further in the years to come. Those interested in a career in geriatrics should look in to A.T. Still University's Master of Science in Geriatrics program

A.T. Still University offers a master of science in geriatrics for those students who already hold a degree in healthcare. The Geriatric [Read More]

Cardean MBA Risk Management Specialization

Cardean University's MBA program is renowned for its high quality coursework, providing working adults an opportunity to advance their careers. Graduates of Cardean's MBA program will learn new skills, and the business expertise to move to the top positions in their field. MBA students at Cardean can specialize in a specific area such as risk management.

Students in the risk management specialty will learn not only Risk Management, but also Advanced Information Systems Risks and Controls, and Computer Information Security. [Read More]

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