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January 16 2018, 7:02PM PST

Be in Demand With a Medical Degree

Chronic illnesses, cancer, and pandemics are just a few reasons why healthcare workers are critical to our nations well being. But we are facing a critical shortage of qualified workers. Those who are looking for the best career opportunities will find that earning a medical degree online can get you ready for an important career.

"There is no doubt that acute public health workforce shortages need to be addressed in Southwest Virginia, Virginia, the United States, and beyond," [Read More]

Criminal Justice Degree: ATF Agent

There are many exciting careers to consider when looking to earn your criminal justice degree. People in this field are often employed by local law enforcement bureaus, the federal government and the private sector. The federal government even employs people specifically to uphold laws related to alcohol, tobacco and fire arms.

ATF agents are federally employed officers who monitor alcohol, tobacco and firearms laws and cases. This law enforcement branch is officially supported by the U.S. Department of Treasury and [Read More]

RN to BSN Degree Offers More Opportunities

The Field of health care is booming, but there remains a critical shortage of nurses who are available to fill many available positions. Many registered nurses are earning their online degree to get their BSN or Bachelor of Science in nursing. This is regularly done while an RN continues to work. There are many benefits ties to earning your RN to BSN degree.

This is a program designed for Registered Nurse graduates of associate's degree or [Read More]

Earn your Nursing Degree Online

Earning your nursing degree online can prepare you for a degree that is in high demand. Nationwide there is a need for qualified nurses in a variety of settings. With a degree in nursing you have the option of working in hospitals, doctor's offices and in private settings.

Online LPN nursing classes continue to grow in popularity. Due to the chronic shortage of qualified LPN's (Licensed Practical Nurse) and LVN's (Licensed Vocational Nurse), nursing in general has become [Read More]

Business and Health Care in One Degree

The health care industry is hot, but you want to earn your business major online. There are many exciting areas to pursue in the business world, and Capella University had found a way to parlay these two markets in to one degree. Capella University recently announced that it will be adding a new program in their Bachelor of Science in Business online degree program, with a Health Care Management specialization.

"Aspiring health care administrators must often choose between a [Read More]

Delaware Gets Funding for Criminal Justice

Criminal justice majors are in demand as our country is continually trying to keep up with states need for improved crime control. The state of Delaware announced that it had received funds from the recovery act to help fund necessary program in the state.

More than $6.6 million in funding for the CJC is being made available through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program. This federal grant was first announced by Attorney General Eric Holder in [Read More]

Associates Degree Can Help You In the Job Market

The Job market is a hot topic with our uncertain economy. Those who are lacking a higher education will most likely lose job opportunities to those who have earned at least some form of education beyond high school. Though earning a four year bachelors degree is not for everyone, earning your associates degree is a solid way to start entering the job market.

For those who entered the workforce directly from high school, an associate's degree [Read More]

Uncertain Job Market Keeps Students in School

In today's economy, many recent college graduates are finding it difficult to get jobs upon graduation. So you have your bachelor's degree and no job. What then? Many college students today are choosing to complete a master degree program instead of heading in to an uncertain job market, in hopes that the economy makes a rebound by the time they complete their master's degree.

According to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey, only [Read More]

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