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January 18 2018, 4:33AM PST

Sketch up a Career in CAD

Earning your art degree online can be a great way to go, but you need to be certain that your program is acceptable for the field you wish to enter. Students who want to earn their degree in computer aided drafting will need to be certain that their programs are certified by the American Design Drafting Association

Pennsylvania College of Technology's computer aided drafting technology major recently was recertified by the American Design Drafting Association.

ADDA, an organization for [Read More]

Learn a Thing or Two with an Education Degree.

Jobs in the education and teaching sectors have become a very popular area for people going back to school during this economic downturn. Earning an education degree can open many doors for opportunity. Even thought these aren't the big money careers, having a teaching degree can help to keep you steadily employed with great benefits.

Andy Hanson, dean of student services at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, said the school sees stable and strong enrollment in degree programs such as [Read More]

Business Degree: What Does Your Major Say About You?

Did you know that your choice of college major could tell someone how religious you are? A recent study looked in to people's frequency of church attendance versus their choice of major using business degree students at their reference point.

A lot of people might expect that those who study physical sciences become the least religious during their tenure at school. The research found that this is not the case; a course of study in the sciences, such as physics [Read More]

A Math Degree Really Adds Up

We spend our early years dreading math, math quizzes, and math tests. Although math might not sound like a very exciting thing to major in when you first go to college, students who earn their mathematics degree are finding that the top jobs out of school are math based.

Math majors don't always get much respect on college campuses, but fat post-grad wallets should be enough to give them a boost.

The top 15 highest-earning college degrees all have one thing [Read More]

Engineering Degree: U.S. Department of Energy Announces Job Fair

If you are wondering what jobs are viable for future employment, you should always keep tabs on where the U.S. government is putting their stimulus monies. Students who are thinking of earning their engineering degree for example will have many jobs opportunities available. The United States department of energy announced a job fair this month in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The U.S. Department of Energy is preparing for large crowds at an event advertising thousands of new [Read More]

Cooking Up a Hot Career in Culinary School

Culinary school has become a very popular choice over the last few years due to an
enlightened view of food brought on by programs from the food network, and the travel channel. Students who earn a culinary degree will find that they have a variety of job options available on completion of a culinary degree program.

Beginning in September, Thomas will spend 14 months in London where he'll pursue his master's degree in "international sustainable tourism," which in the [Read More]

Is an MBA Degree for You?

Many working professionals are continuing their education by going back to school to get their MBA. But this path isn't for everyone. You will find that completing an MBA program will require a large commitment of time. While you're working on your MBA degree, you might need to take a couple of years off of working to commit full time to your studies, but the end result should make up for the time you took off.

In [Read More]

College Majors Change to Suit Job Market

Students entering college to earn their associates degree or bachelor's degree need to consider if the major they intend to pursue is viable in today's economy. Students who earn a nursing degree or engineering degree know that there are great jobs out there that are in need of top candidates.

Mindful of the worst job market in more than 25 years, many students enrolling in colleges and universities this fall are considering majors that they believe will [Read More]

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