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November 23 2017, 3:53PM PST

AIU Online Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication

Do you want to be an animator or web designer - and don't know which degree program is right for you? American Intercontinental University Online offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication. This program is geared towards students that have an interest in graphic design and computer based design.

AIU Online is one of the first universities to offer a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication, completely online. This program teaches students to develop their [Read More]

Capella University Master of Science in Organization and Management

Adults going back to school are looking for programs and courses that fit the need of their busy schedules. Capella University Online offers a variety of courses designed to give your career a leg up. One of their exciting programs is the Master of Science (MS) in Organization and Management.

The Master of Science in Organization and Management is designed to help you learn critical thinking skills and effective communication and leadership skills that will give you the capability of solving real-world [Read More]

Tips for Adults Returning to School.

Many adults returning to college can find the experience to be quite daunting. Transitioning back in to a college student - or doing it for the first time - can be exciting and scary. Adults entering college classes on campus or taking online classes should engage their families in to the process to make the transition easier for everyone involved.
Here are some tips to make the transition a little easier for everyone involved.

[Read More]

What is the Value of a College Degree?

So you are ready to go to college " you have your major picked out " and a career in mind. But what is your college degree really going to be worth in the real world?

College graduates made an average of $51,554 in 2004, the most recent figures available, compared with $28,645 for adults with a high school diploma. High school dropouts earned an average of $19,169 and those with advanced college degrees made an average of $78,093.

"There appear [Read More]

The Art Institute Online Game Art & Design Degree

Are you looking for a career in game design? Game artists are the imaginative force that brings a game design concept to life. If you are interested in video games, and enjoy a challenge, there are great opportunities for graduates with a degree in game art and design.

At The Art Institute Online offers online degree and diploma programs in a broad range of creative fields " like Game Art and Design. The Game Art & Design program focuses on [Read More]

Is an Online Degree Right for You?

Adults today are looking for education options that will better prepare them for a career change in today's competitive job market. Anyone who is looking to move forward in their careers, but don't have time to attend a 4-year college should consider earning their degree online.

The practicality and convenience of online learning has helped it become a popular choice among busy adults. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands enrolled in online degree programs. University of Phoenix, the largest accredited university in [Read More]

Now is a Good Time to Have a Degree

If you are thinking about going back to school " now is a good time. A survey released this week indicates that us employers are predicting strong hiring for the fourth quarter - even with talk of a slowdown in the economy.

Twenty-eight percent of the 14,000 employers polled in the quarterly Manpower Employment Outlook Survey expect to add employees to their payrolls during the fourth quarter this year. Eight percent said they expect to cut staff and [Read More]

It's a Good Time for Engineers

Are you looking at a career in engineering? Engineering jobs are among the most in demand jobs in the nation right now.

Engineering is a field desperately seeking qualified workers. As boomer-age professionals retire, engineering industries are facing serious shortages, according to Abbie Goodman, executive director for The Engineering Center, which provides management services to professional engineering-related associations. Often taking a quieter back seat, engineering has moved front and center as one of the best careers, with dependable jobs and [Read More]

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