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January 17 2018, 9:33AM PST

Choosing an MBA School

There are many things that you might consider when choosing which MBA programs to apply to. Say, for example, that you want a position with a company that only recruits from certain schools. Then you're going to want to apply only to those schools that the employer recruits from. The following list by the Young Professionals Group showcases the top things that people look for in an MBA program:

  • International reputation/prestige
  • Profile of participants
  • International reputation/prestige
  • Teaching style and specializations
  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Low Cost

Students should [Read More]

Choosing Between Grad Schools

Prior to getting your acceptance and rejection letters, you were terrified that you weren't going to get into any of the grad schools that you applied to. However, now you've gotten your letters back, and you have been accepted into more than one of the schools you've applied to. The decision between the schools can be daunting. If you need help deciding between schools, consider this advice from GradSchools.com:

Financial questions are the biggest explosions of light at the end of [Read More]

How Important is GPA when Applying to Grad Schools?

When you're trying to distinguish yourself from hundreds of other candidates for the grad school of your choice, then you're probably going to be better of with a remarkable GPA. However, there are other ways of distinguishing yourself in your grad school application. Macleans.ca offers the following advice on applying to grad school:

In general, even though we know that marks aren't the only thing that reflect a student's ability, they are the easiest way to compare one student to another [Read More]

Using an Admissions Consultant

Many people assume that an MBA admissions consultant is a service that simply writes your MBA application essay for you. However, this is not true. Many MBA consultants hold MBAs, and many are prior admissions officials from MBA programs. They do not write your essay for you; rather, they help you create an entire application package that will appeal to admissions representatives.

When deciding whether or not to use an admissions consultant, consider this advice from Journey to my MBA:

Misconceptions are [Read More]

New Online BS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Starting in the fall of 2007, Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences will begin offering its BS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography through its online degree program. As the field of diagnostic medical sonography becomes more and more necessary in medical settings, the need for sonographers all over the world is growing rapidly. According to PR Web:

"Much like the other online degrees in nursing and radiologic sciences offered by the College, sonography represents a growing field with an increasing demand for [Read More]

Getting Into a Top MBA Program with an Online Undergrad Degree

Many students stray away from online undergraduate degree programs because they feel that earning an online degree will hamper their chances of getting into a top MBA program. However, where an undergraduate degree is earned is not always the most important thing that an MBA school looks at. According to Men.Style.com:

MBA programs will tend to value work experience much more highly than the degree you earned in undergrad. Full-time MBA students typically have six years of work experience under [Read More]

Undergraduate Classes You'll Need before Applying to Law School

While most law schools don't have any course prerequisites, there are classes you can take as an undergraduate student that will better prepare you for both the LSAT and law school. Tara Kuther with About.com suggests that students take the following courses as an undergraduate:

Public Speaking
History and Government
Composition and Literature
Political Science
Expository Writing

Beyond these courses, Kuther also suggests that [Read More]

Choosing an MBA Specialization

Many people who enroll in an MBA program fear that they're going to diminish their chances of getting the job they want because they chose the wrong MBA specialization. However, experts in the field insist that the specialization is not going to severely affect what job you're able to get. According to InfoWorld:

Realize that the bulk of the course load in most MBA programs consists of a core curriculum covering the gamut of general business studies: accounting, finance, marketing, operations [Read More]

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