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January 16 2018, 3:19PM PST

Computer Science Majors Score in the Job Market

Are you afraid that your degree will not necessarily get you a job when you graduate? This is a real concern for students in light of our current economy. If you graduated or plan to graduate with a degree in computer science, you will be happy to hear that there are companies who are actively hiring in this field.

CompTIA, the biggest trade association for IT folks and their employers, recently launched a new recruiting campaign aimed at [Read More]

Secure a Future in Network Security

Computer systems security is of utmost importance to maintain the safekeeping of your identity, and information. Specialists also work in fields like network security to ensure that the businesses' information and their networks are protected. In today's world, computer networks are vulnerable to thieves and hackers, and by earning a network security degree you can help keep them at bay.

If you think you have completely erased that e-mail or photo on your computer or mobile phone, think [Read More]

Masters Degree Online is a Great Choice for Professionals

It is often later in life that working professionals decide that they want to go back to school to pursue their master's degree. Earning your masters degree can help you to move forward in your career, as well as raise your earning potential. Maters degree holders earn significantly more over their lifetime than those who only have a bachelors degree.

When she decided to pursue a master's degree, Eudora USD 491 director of curriculum and instruction Marla [Read More]

Veterinary Techs Take the Bite out of the Job Market

A growing population of pets is keeping demand for veterinary technicians and animal care workers strong. Earning a veterinary technician degree will help prepare you for an exciting job working with dogs, cats, and perhaps more unusual pets.

Mary Ann Baik left her job as an office manager five years ago to follow her childhood dream of working with animals. Now she spends her nights tending sick and injured pets at the intensive care unit of an animal clinic [Read More]

Health Services Remain Strong

Studying for a degree in health care is the first step in making a career of helping others. Earning a health services degree will prepare you for a jobs in various health care sectors, some of the most popular fields being medical assisting, medical billing and coding, and physical therapy.

Jobs in health care and those requiring postsecondary education will show the biggest gains by 2016, according to a report released on Monday by the president's [Read More]

California Announces Online Nursing Program

In response to a need for licensed nurses in the state of California, Governor Schwarzenegger announced a plan help students obtain their nursing degree online.

Classes begin in California this month for the nation's first accredited, online baccalaureate degree nursing program approved by the Education/Licensing Committee of the Board of Registered Nurses.

"This partnership is a great example of our healthcare providers, educators, and the state working together to alleviate our nursing shortage and get more Californians to work," Gov. Arnold [Read More]

Health Care Workers in Michigan are Taking a Hit

The health care industry has been seen as a goldmine for students who are looking at earning a medical degree. Many people have returned to school or are earning a medical degree online to ensure employment in these tough economic times. But the health care job market is taking a hit in Michigan, where thousands of auto workers are with out jobs, and benefits.

The erosion of Michigan's gold-plated health benefits, long the envy of workers across the [Read More]

Human Resource Executives are Big Business

There are still many fields that are in demand even in this economic downturn. Students who earn their advanced human resource management degree will find that this industry has not stalled out like many other business fields. By graduating from a human resources MBA program, your employability and job prospects will often be superior to those whom you may be interviewing for positions.

Recruiting has slowed dramatically for many job titles as the financial crisis bears down, [Read More]

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