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November 17 2017, 10:35PM PST

Funding Grad School

Continuing your education and going to graduate school to earn your master's degree or PhD sounds like a great idea, but how do you fund such extensive education? During tough economic times, many schools have less money to fund grad students which will lower your chances of affording school. But, if you really want to up your odds, there are some things you should know. US News offers some tips on how to get financial aid for your graduate school [Read More]

Top 10 Electrical Engineering Schools

Electrical engineers design and develop electrical equipment. Mathematical principles are at the basis of engineering, and are used to help electrical engineers to develop devices such as electric motors, machinery controls, and more. Electrical engineer degree holders design the electrical systems of vehicles, radars and navigation, and aircraft. Electrical engineering degree courses cover robotics, integrated circuits, power systems, and computer hardware design. Us News has ranked to best undergraduate engineering schools that specialize in electrical, electronics, [Read More]

Get Cooking With a Catering Degree

Do you dream of working in the food service industry as a caterer? There are several ways you can earn a degree to become a caterer. You can get a caterer diploma, or even earn bachelors degree in culinary arts management. Here are some examples of jobs with a catering degree.

CATERING SALES MANAGER OR DIRECTOR: As a Catering Sales Manager or Director, you'll set up and maintain client relations, create proposals, book, manage and lead events. You [Read More]

Online Degrees for Union Members

Union members who are looking to earn their bachelors degree online will have a unique opportunity to get their education. Labor unions are joining to offer distance learning opportunities to its members.

The A.F.L.-C.I.O., the main umbrella group for the nation's labor unions, announced on Thursday that it was joining with the National Labor College and the Princeton Review to create an online college for the federation's 11.5 million members and their families.

The college will be the first and [Read More]

Top Ten Executive MBA Programs

An Executive MBA program provides an opportunity for experiences professionals to obtain a master's degree in Business Administration on a schedule that minimizes the disruption of work and personal pursuits. Executive MBA (EMBA) students are required to complete their degrees in two years or less. Business week ranked the top ten best schools for an executive MBA:

1. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
2. University of Chicago (Booth)
3. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
4. Columbia University
5. University of [Read More]

Gambling on a Casino Management Certificate

Earning a Casino Management certificate may sound like an exciting and glamorous job, but the recession is dulling that luster. Casinos are seeing a decrease in revenue these days, but some people have an idea how to boost that revenue.

Factual arguments can be presented that reducing slot hold percentages and providing excellent customer service are two methods to increase patronage and ultimately returns for Vegas casino operators. Earth - shatteringly simple and non - novel, right? Certainly the gamblers [Read More]

Promote Healthy Lifestyles with a Nutrition Degree

American adults in this country are overweight, and the Center for Disease Control estimates the number to exceed 67%. Nutritionists can be helpful to fight the battle of the bulge, and to become one, you will need a nutrition degree. Nutrition students in Montana recently rolled out local produce to promote a healthier lifestyle.

A table loaded with plump tomatoes, fragrant onions and crisp green beans attracted curious glances from passersby, with a few stopping to sample and [Read More]

Say I Do to a Career as a Bridal Consultant

There are many popular television programs on today that depict the many stages of wedding and wedding planning. But what kind of training so you need to work in this fast paced and often unpredictable business? Earning a bridal consultant degree can be the first step towards a career in the world of weddings.

People in the wedding business are privy to the kinds of personal, fairy-tale moments that make romantic comedies a top seller every time.

"I had [Read More]

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