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November 23 2017, 3:59PM PST

Careers & Ideas: Looking to Switch Careers?

Did you get started in a career that didn't turn out as you had planned? This happens to many intelligent people who worked towards a career that they later found out they did not like or were not suited for. Instead of being stuck in a job you don't like or can't do well, you should take the leap and switch careers. This might sound like a scary idea, but with a little faith and guidance you should [Read More]

Things to Know about Pre Employment Testing

So you have earned your college degree and are ready to dive in to a corporate job. Did you know that your eligibility for a particular job might hinge on more than just the interview?

Pre-employment testing is on the rise. In the past five years, 60% of companies have increased their use of workplace-behavior assessments, according to a survey of more than 500 human-resources professionals at U.S. companies from Spherion Corp., a staffing firm based [Read More]

Careers in Healthcare Rank High

Are you interested in a career in Healthcare? Healthcare professionals are in high demand and there are many great opportunities. Here are some of the top healthcare jobs and salaries according to US News.

Not surprisingly, nine of the 25(top) careers in the U.S. News list are in healthcare. Physician is one, although the lengthy training and thicket of regulations governing medicine are dimming the allure. Other healthcare jobs require far less training, have better hours, and offer the same satisfaction [Read More]

Overrated Careers? Some May Surprise You..

Some things are not as they seem. When it comes to earning your degree, make sure you know what is in store for you. Some jobs require long hours, tedious tasks or battles in bureaucracy. This might cause some jobs to lose their luster after a bit. US News reports on some overrated careers:

It looks glamorous on TV. Or you've got an uncle who does it and seems to like it. Or you heard you could earn a [Read More]

Trade Schools: The New Grad Schools?

Unfortunately, a bachelor's degree doesn't necessarily guarantee a job. Many graduates of four- year colleges find themselves struggling to obtain jobs that utilize their degree, and instead find themselves working as administrative assistants or telemarketers. These students used to rely on graduate school when their bachelor's degree didn't earn them a decent job. However, according to the ColoradoDaily.com, many of these students are starting to enroll in trade schools rather than grad schools:

Community colleges used to be a place [Read More]

A Degree from Disney University?

Are you ready for your Disney diploma? Maybe your mouse Master? Disney is dipping its toes in to the education business according to a report from CNN Money.

Starting today, Disney (Charts, Fortune 500) will open enrollment for seven online courses on Family.com, its how-to site for moms that covers everything from quick cooking to home schooling.

The subjects may seem lightweight. But they're hardly infomercials. There's useful information like how to choose a digital camera, the basics of shooting in the [Read More]

Where the Jobs Are

Wondering where the big new job markets are? Some cities might surprise you..

NEW YORK (AP) -- College graduates seeking a job should heed an ancient piece of advice and "go west," according to a Chicago outplacement firm.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. said in a new report that job growth is fastest in Midwestern, Mountain West and Southern cities, with New Orleans, Jacksonville, N.C. and Dubuque, Iowa at the top of its list.

Rounding out the list are Greenville, N.C.; Iowa City, [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Best Places to Work?

Many college undergraduates today already have an idea about what kind of company they want to work for when they graduate. Some even have specific companies in mind before graduation. What make certain places more desireable? Company culture, stock option, salary, etc.

Business Week profiles some of the top 25 companies to work for.

Where is the best place to start your career? The answer, of course, depends in part on your goals, personality, and ambitions. Yet there's an elite [Read More]

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