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January 20 2018, 7:09PM PST

Careers & Ideas: Hot New Careers

There are fascinating new careers in the US that you may not heard of. One hot career is Robot Programmer. Sound too futuristic? CNN money gives some highlights of this career, which may be an interesting choice for someone wanting to earn their associates degree in technology.

Robot Programmer
Salary range: $40,000-$100,000

Experience/skills: Associate degree in a technical field and extensive training. People skills also come in handy.

Perks: Lots of travel, helping clients customize each machine to a particular task

Who's hiring? [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Tips for Climbing the Corporate Ladder

When college graduates head off to the corporate world, they are often disillusioned by the tedious work their new job entails. Often young entry-level employees find that they need to work extra hard to prove themselves, and move up the corporate ladder. This move doesn't happen fast - or at all in some cases. Instead of spinning your wheels, use some of the following tips to move ahead in the game.

Quintcareers recently pulished it's Six Tips to Help Win [Read More]

Finance Your Education: The GI Bill

Because online education is a relatively new institution, there has been some question as to whether or not the GI Bill, a military institution begun in 1944, would apply. The answer: It does. Considered an IHL or institute of higher learning, many online education programs are covered under the GI Bill, including non-degree programs like HVAC or other vocational certifications. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs:

The GI Bill is available for attendance at IHLs such as:

Life Balance: Salary Differences For Men Today

Do you think Salaries have gotten better or worse over the years? Some career experts think that men today don't have it as well as their fathers once did.

American men in their 30s today are worse off than their fathers' generation, a reversal from just a decade ago, when sons generally were better off than their fathers, a new study finds.

The study, the first in a series on economic mobility undertaken by several prominent think tanks, also says the [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Summer Job Hunting

So you have earned your degree and graduated. Now what? You can spend the summer enjoying some time off, or you can proactively start looking for a job. A recent post offered some tips on why to stay on top of your job search during the summer.

Since we were in school, summer has been associated with vacations, lazy days and a small break from life. Because of this association, people often forget that's not how it works [Read More]

Psychology Students Should Consider Online Degrees

As mental health issues have become better understood by both psychologists and society alike, the need for psychologists has compounded. Psychologists work for themselves as well as in hospitals, schools, correctional institutions, and human resource departments. Psychologists typically need a doctorate degree to practice psychology, and this has led many psychology students to turn to online psychology programs for their education. According to Rose Mus:

Students pursuing psychology online degrees learn about the human mind and behavior and its biological, social [Read More]

An MBA May be Nothing without Work Experience

It's hard to work while you're enrolled in a full-time MBA program. For this reason, many MBA students choose to live off of their financial aid while pursuing their MBA degree rather than getting a job in their field. However, studies have found that employers prefer to hire MBA graduates who have experience in their field. According to CareerJournal.com:

Hiring an M.B.A. graduate is an expensive proposition, and companies complain that too often they aren't immediately getting their money's worth from [Read More]

New Database Focuses Solely on Online PhD Programs

A new website directory was launched this month that focuses solely on online schools that offer PhD programs. Doctorate-Degree-PhD-Directory.com recognizes the value of online education for individuals pursuing their PhD and scoured the Internet looking for the top online PhD programs for their database. According to EWorldWire Press:

The beauty of pursuing a degree online lies in its convenience. Chances are when students are pursuing a doctorate, they are already working in their field of study, full-time, and finding the time [Read More]

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