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January 18 2018, 9:10PM PST

Careers & Ideas: Personal Financial Advisors are In Demand

Are you looking to earn a degree in finance? There are many great and lucrative jobs in the world of finance. Becoming a personal financial advisor is one of them. So why is this a good one? FastCompany.com has this:

What they do: Work and business are about more than money, but money still matters. Just like your career, you need to manage your money. Financial advisers do what the job says: advise people on their personal financial [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Public Healthcare Careers

The medical and healthcare field is seeing great demand for qualified workers. There is also a great demand for Public Health professionals. Here is some in-depth information on a career in Public Health:

Public Health involves the coordination of knowledge and practice among all these disciplines to promote and protect the health of individuals and our population.

Public Health professionals typically specialize and pursue career opportunities in one or more of these disciplines. They often obtain a masters in public [Read More]

Life Balance: Diversity in Med School

Many career fields are seeing an increase in the numbers of foreign students. This is especially prevalent in medical school. The Washington Post recently posted an article on diversity at med schools.

The six members of Medical Team 4 have a lot in common. Each wears a white coat, has a stethoscope for a necklace and has stayed up late this week. They can all start an IV and work up a solitary lung nodule.

They share something less obvious, [Read More]

Careers & Ideas: Should You Become an Engineer?

Earning a degree in engineering can be even more exciting than you think. There are so many important jobs that require a background in Engineering. Do you think you have what it takes to succeed in engineering? Here are some attributes that might help point you towards a specific engineering career.

What do Neil Armstrong, Jimmy Carter, and Alfred Hitchcock have in common? Though they eventually chose very different careers - one as an astronaut, one as a president, [Read More]

New Online BS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Starting in the fall of 2007, Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences will begin offering its BS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography through its online degree program. As the field of diagnostic medical sonography becomes more and more necessary in medical settings, the need for sonographers all over the world is growing rapidly. According to PR Web:

"Much like the other online degrees in nursing and radiologic sciences offered by the College, sonography represents a growing field with an increasing demand for [Read More]

The Importance of an Internship for MBA Students

You could have a degree from the best MBA degree school in the world, but, if you're leaving college with no work experience under your belt, your degree is probably going to be meaningless in the job field. Besides being a good means of gaining work experience, working an internship is also a great way to network and get your foot in the door somewhere. MBAMap.com offers the following advice on finding an MBA internship:

You can't start too soon.
[Read More]

Top Online Degree Careers

As the number of colleges and universities that offer online classes grow, so does the number of degrees that can be earned online. This makes choosing a degree program much more difficult. However, there are some jobs that rank higher than others that students can get with their online degree. According to Online-Education.net, the top ten careers that can be attained with an online degree are:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Information Technology Manager
  3. Actuary
  4. Network Engineer
  5. Computer Systems Analyst
  6. Information Systems Manager
  7. Lawyer
  8. Physician Assistant
  9. Database Administrator
  10. Small Business Manager

Online-Education.net offers [Read More]

Life Balance: Employees Need Time Off

Did you know that many employees with paid vacation time never use it? It is important for everyone to take a little time off to refresh and relax. So why do more and more workers not take vacation? Yahoo! HotJobs has more:

Why Create More Work?
There are several reasons why workers don't use all their vacation time: having too much work to do to take a vacation (36%), not being able to afford a getaway (34%), wanting to save [Read More]

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