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December 15 2017, 9:13PM PST

How to Finance your MBA Education

While tuition costs are the number one concern of MBA-seekers, there are a lot of other costs that students must plan for when considering enrolling in an MBA program. Cost of living, textbooks, and software costs are just some of the other expenses of students in an MBA program. Students who are not going to work need to know all of the possible funding sources available to them. Consider these sources listed at MBAMap.com:

MBA Loans
There are a number of [Read More]

Online Degrees Soar in Popularity

After raising the number of online degrees they offered and becoming accredited by a nationally-recognized accrediting institution, the University of Minnesota at Crookston has recently seen a huge hike in enrollment numbers. As students flock to earn their degrees online, the colleges that are catering to this demographic are those that are getting the students. According to the Crookston Daily Times:

Online credit hours at the University of Minnesota, Crookston are up 41 percent over summer semester 2006. The increase is [Read More]

Online Degrees May Offer Better Career Preparation

As online schools have risen in popularity, so has the integration of technology in the workplace. The result is that certain online Internet courses prepare graduates more fully for their post-graduation jobs than traditional college courses. According to HotJobs.com, the following fields of study have taken on new significance since the advent of online education:

The Best Careers of 2007

Every year, U.S. News and World Report ranks the top jobs in the country. In 2007, the following jobs came out on top:

Many things were considered to determine which professions to deem the best careers, including the rise of Internet use and the aging baby boomer generation. Each job was also ranked based on the median pay, the position's attainability, the quality of [Read More]

Best Places to Work with an Online Education Degree

If you're currently earning your education degree online or even just thinking about enrolling in an online education degree program, then you're probably interested in knowing what types of places hire employees that earned their education degree online. The real answer: they all do. However, there are some places that hire those with online degrees more frequently. According to eLearners.com, he following places are the best to work with an online education degree:

  • Alternative Schools
  • Camps (day camp, summer camp, etc.)
  • Churches [Read More]

Getting Hired with an Online Degree

Seven years ago, a study was released in which 70% of employers said that they felt online degrees were less worthwhile than those that come from traditional schools. However, in the seven years since then, online degrees have become more mainstream and widely-recognized, and now most employers agree that they are just as worthwhile as traditional degrees. Consider this information from Encarta:

When asked directly, well-known Fortune 500 companies such as Intel and Wal-Mart said they'd accept online degrees, provided they [Read More]

It May be the Best Time to Get Your MBA

Recent reports show that companies in the business world have increased their hiring by 18%. Not only that, but MBA-holding employees are getting paid more. With this hike in demand and pay, right now might be the best time to go back to school for your MBA. According to BusinessSchoolAdmission.com:

Over 94 percent of Harvard MBAs had received at least one job offer by graduation day, as did 93 percent of University of Virginia at Darden MBAs. Over 80 percent of [Read More]

The Benefits of Online Education

The main benefit of earning a degree online is that you can earn your degree around your work and family schedule. This means that people who would otherwise be unable now have a way to attend college and earn a degree. However, there are many other benefits of earning a degree online that aren't as obvious. According to PR-GB.com:

Learning online through a distance learning college offers the same quality and degree weight that would be received through a traditional [Read More]

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