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January 18 2018, 9:21PM PST

Medical Degrees for Military Spouses

Spouses of military personnel are often left behind to keep the home and family running while a parent is away for many months at a time. This often leaves the stay at home half with little no opportunity to work or go back to school because of time and financial restraints. The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA), which is an education funding program, has teamed up with a health care education company to help train spouses who [Read More]

National Pharmacy Technician Association Offers Certificate Programs

Have you ever wanted to work in a pharmacy, but don't want to spend years in school? There are certificate programs available to students who specifically want to work in a retail pharmacy environment. Theses program often require less time than even associates degree programs.

The National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA) announced today the launch of the Official NPTA Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program���, a comprehensive online training program. The new program is designed to meet [Read More]

Associates Degree Can Help You In the Job Market

The Job market is a hot topic with our uncertain economy. Those who are lacking a higher education will most likely lose job opportunities to those who have earned at least some form of education beyond high school. Though earning a four year bachelors degree is not for everyone, earning your associates degree is a solid way to start entering the job market.

For those who entered the workforce directly from high school, an associate's degree [Read More]

Uncertain Job Market Keeps Students in School

In today's economy, many recent college graduates are finding it difficult to get jobs upon graduation. So you have your bachelor's degree and no job. What then? Many college students today are choosing to complete a master degree program instead of heading in to an uncertain job market, in hopes that the economy makes a rebound by the time they complete their master's degree.

According to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey, only [Read More]

Business Majors Still Have Jobs Opportunities

Are you looking to earn your business degree online? Even though jobs are hard to come by at this time, those who have a degree in business may have great opportunities like this one announced my Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company is looking to recruit some 40-50 sales agents on Long Island, part of a campaign to hire 2000 people nationally.

Agents, who are not employees of the company, build their own financial services practices under the [Read More]

Paralegal Majors Affected by Economic Downturn

There is no guarantee that once you earn your degree you will be able to get a job. Students in central California who pursued paralegal studies are finding that the market in their area does not have jobs available.

The graduating paralegal plans to continue her studies at California State University, Fresno, but she's looking for part-time work. It doesn't look promising.

"There's not too many job openings for part-time paralegal work," she said. "My backup plan would be working [Read More]

Homeland Security Degree Offers Opportunity

There are many areas of study available that can let you play a role in the safety of the United States. Earning a homeland security degree can prepare you for an exciting career in both the public and private sectors. Those who are in the middle of earning a degree or thinking of earning a degree in homeland security should know about a new pay structure that the president is proposing.

President Barack Obama's performance pay goals are [Read More]

Shortage of Qualified Nurses in Texas

The state of Texas is seeing a great shortage of qualified nurses to fill available positions state wide. They need more students to get their nursing degree and finish their program so they can fill necessary positions in the Texas state health care system

The demand for registered nurses in Texas will grow by 86 percent by 2020. The supply, however, will grow by 53 percent without action.

Texas will be 71,000 short of the full-time equivalent nurses it [Read More]

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