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January 18 2018, 9:06PM PST

Out of Work Teachers are Taking it Online

People who earn an education degree will find that there are many job options available such as elementary education, early childhood education and secondary education to name a few. In this difficult economy however, many teachers are finding themselves without jobs due to budget cuts.

What are these jobless teachers and graduates to do? One option is to become an online tutor, a work-from-home position in which educators can put their experience and knowledge to work [Read More]

Design a Blossoming Career

Do you have a creative eye and a green thumb? Maybe your love of plants, flowers and design can parlay in to a career as a floral designer. When you earn a floral design certificate, you will learn shape aesthetics, horticulture and concepts of texture and balance. Though formal training isn't a prerequisite for this career, proper training enables better job options.

Thirty students, many of whom are pursuing careers in professional floral design, took on individual projects [Read More]

Obama Administration Needs Spies

There is a heightened emphasis on Homeland Security since the terrorist attacks in
September 2001. Our government is in need of highly skilled workers to help maintain our
national security. Earning a homeland security degree can prepare you for many exciting
careers working for the United States Government.

The Obama administration wants to advance the nation's intelligence capacity by training a cadre of spies through an ROTC-like corps at the nation's colleges, The Washington Post reported.

The [Read More]

Dental Assisting: A Career with Teeth

There are many career options within medical degree programs, and those who take the time to get specialized training will find the best jobs with great pay. Earning a dental assistant degree is a great way to get in to the growing health care market. Many dentists are hiring qualified dental assistants to perform their routine tasks so that they may spend their time on more important procedures.

Like most "assistants," Teshema Evans' job description only offers [Read More]

Graphic Design Degree

Graphic design is an extremely popular career choice for those with artistic talent, and a love for working with computers. This kind of work can also be done from home on a freelance basis, but formal training s a standard prerequisite. A degree in graphic design can open opportunities for financial and personal freedom.

It's important to highlight the distinction between web design and graphic design. Those who do graphic design concentrate mostly on print work. They create [Read More]

Go Green With Your Career

Environmental engineering is the application of science and engineering principles used to improve our environment. These specialists work to provide us with drinkable water, clean air, and a clean habitat for humans and others. Specialists in this field of engineering are in demand. An environmental engineering degree will allow you to help our Mother Earth, and make a good living doing it.

With tens of billions of stimulus dollars aimed at investing in green technology, eco-friendly majors could [Read More]

Forensic Nurses are In Demand

All we are hearing about these days is the economy and the lack of employment opportunities. While this is a fact, there are some fields that are in dire need of qualified workers. Nursing is one such field. There are nurses needed in traditional and research capacities, but there are also many jobs available for those who have a forensic nursing degree.

The U.S. Department of Labor's March 2008 Employment Situation Summary reports employment in the [Read More]

Executive Coaching a 1 Billion Dollar Industry

Executive Coaching is a growing and lucrative business where a consultant provides custom coaching that is tailored to a client. The coach and client work together to design a unique business coaching process that will create the desired positive outcome. To work in this field, you will need to earn an executive coaching certificate.

As an American career coach in Rome, (Megan) Fitzgerald is also on the front lines of a global revolution. Career coaching is a fast-growing and [Read More]

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