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November 21 2017, 7:47AM PST

Astronomy Degrees Rock

Students often can't decide what they want to be when they grow up, or what they should major in in college. Regardless of your age or current job, you can always go to school and earn you degree. Michael Koppelman, a former rock star, who performed and recorded with Prince, was fascinated by the night sky and wanted to get his degree in astronomy.

"I can't look at anything and not think about the physics behind it. When [Read More]

Work Independently as a Home Inspector

When buying a home, the most critical point in the transaction can be the home inspection. This can often reveal unexpected problems with the home that buyers were not aware of. Specially trained professionals do these inspections, and the will have had to earn their diploma in home inspection. These professionals can earn up to 800 dollars a day.

The time after the home inspection is a critical time during a transaction. Buyers are often overwhelmed by [Read More]

A Career That Adds Up

Money makes the world go round, and accountants can help make sure your money is well managed. Earning your degree in accounting can endure you a job in the financial industry. Here are two good reasons to earn your accounting degree online.

1. Vast Employment Opportunities:

If you're superb with numbers, enthusiastic to put in extended hours, and can stay calm and focused under stress, then Accounting is the profession for you.

There is an increasing demand for capable [Read More]

Taking Business on the Road

Many traditional fields of work can be turned in to other ventures. A Tennessee woman who has a veterinary degree has turned her practice to one on four wheels.

Veterinarians measure their success in the number of dogs, cats and other animals they heal during a career, and while Dr. Amy Serino Moffat is no different in that regard, she has another way to gauge her accomplishments " the odometer.

As the owner of MobileVet Memphis LLC, Moffat spends her [Read More]

Keeping it Cool in a Stable Career

Career stability is on the minds of students who are planning on getting their associates degree or bachelor's degree. Since the economy is unsteady, people are looking to careers that are steady. Earning you HVAC technician degree will put you in a career that is always in demand.

Labor reports show the HVAC or heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry is a solid career choice. Officials say no matter how bad the economy gets, HVAC jobs [Read More]

Engineering a Better Future

Engineering isn't as popular of a field as it once was. Automotive engineers for example have seen a decline in their field due to the problems in the automotive industry. But those who pursue an engineering degree will find that there are many areas in which they will be highly employable.

Experts say that engineers who understand embedded software, math modeling, and electronic controls will be in demand. Moreover, the new breed of engineers will have to be ready [Read More]

Shift to Quality MBA Programs

In this competitive job market, having your MBA degree is a key advantage to moving up in you career. There is a school of thought that online MBA programs are not as prestigious as some big name campus based programs, but today, that is no longer the case.

The MBA program at the Chancellor University System will be known as "The Jack Welch Institute" after the former GE powerhouse and will be mostly online. Welch recently paid $2 million to [Read More]

Plumbers Clean Up

Plumbers might have a dirty job, but in the end they clean up - pay wise that is. Plumbers with training can earn a very good living, and those who go to specialized plumber training programs will earn the most.

Bad smells are all in a day's work for Black Diamond Plumbing & Electric, Vice President Scott Underwood said. The odors that come from pipes, blown fuse boxes, and old ventilation systems are not going to make their way [Read More]

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