Get Cooking With a Catering Degree

Do you dream of working in the food service industry as a caterer? There are several ways you can earn a degree to become a caterer. You can get a caterer diploma, or even earn bachelors degree in culinary arts management. Here are some examples of jobs with a catering degree.

CATERING SALES MANAGER OR DIRECTOR: As a Catering Sales Manager or Director, you'll set up and maintain client relations, create proposals, book, manage and lead events. You will also work out the logistics, and handle contracts.

: As a Catering Coordinator or Assistant, you'll support the Catering Sales Manager or Director, booking events, handling daily administrative tasks, and assisting with guest services.

CHEF OR COOK: As a Chef or Cook, you'll prepare food and beverages for low to high-volume catering events, train kitchen staff, ensure quality control in your facility. You will be responsible to follow guidelines for state and federal health and occupational safety administration standards.

BANQUET SERVER: As a Banquet Server, you'll be to serve customers, assist with room set-up and preparation, and ensure that the venue is properly set up, and tables are well stocked.

As a caterer, you will need to have a passion for food, and an ability to communicate clearly with others. In addition to the above jobs, you can also work as a chef of caterer in private homes with your own catering company. Getting a catering degree online can help you get started.

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