Online Degrees for Union Members

Union members who are looking to earn their bachelors degree online will have a unique opportunity to get their education. Labor unions are joining to offer distance learning opportunities to its members.

The A.F.L.-C.I.O., the main umbrella group for the nation's labor unions, announced on Thursday that it was joining with the National Labor College and the Princeton Review to create an online college for the federation's 11.5 million members and their families.

The college will be the first and only accredited degree-granting online institution devoted exclusively to educating union members. It plans to begin offering courses this fall, including ones on criminal justice, education, business and allied health sciences.

"We're working on a survey to send out to the A.F.L.-C.I.O.'s members to find out what they'd be interested in," said William Scheuerman, President of the National Labor College, a 41-year-old college for union members based in Silver Spring, Md.

He said the online college would charge $100 to $150 a credit, competitive with community colleges and far cheaper than most four-year colleges and for-profit schools.

Mr. Scheuerman said the labor college selected the Princeton Review and its Penn Foster subsidiary as partners because of their expertise in distance learning.

Earning a criminal justice degree, education degree, or business degree online can get you established further in your existing career, or give you the opportunity for a new one.

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