Paralegal Degree: Let a Paralegal File Your Papers

Earning a paralegal certificate or paralegal degree can provide many job opprtunities in various areas of the legal field. Some paralegals are taking their skills to do-it-your-self legal document businesses where they are simply responsible for filing documents that would otherwise be handled by a lawyer.

If you are looking for an affordable method to file for divorce, using a paralegal may be the way to go.

Amy Wishart of DoItYourselfDocuments has worked as a paralegal in the state of Washington for several years. Wishart said she provides a service that saves people time and money.

"The main benefit is the savings as whole," Wishart said. "If they have nothing to divide then it's the easiest and most inexpensive way to get a divorce."

According to Wishart, most paralegals charge anywhere from $150 to several hundred dollars to prepare divorce documents. The charge does not include the state's filing fee, which depends on the state. For Washington, it costs $250 to file for divorce, she said.

While paralegals can help save a divorcing couple a lot of money, Wishart warns, the duo must be in agreement on all terms of the divorce. "In using a paralegal they either have to be in agreement, or they can't find the other person so they know they will serve by publication and the other person won't respond because the paralegal cannot give legal advice," Wishart said.

Earning a paralegal certificate online is a quick way to get started in a career in this field. To move up as a paralegal, you will need to earn your bachelors degree or higher and maybe even specialize in a particular area.

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