Human Resource Executives are Big Business

There are still many fields that are in demand even in this economic downturn. Students who earn their advanced human resource management degree will find that this industry has not stalled out like many other business fields. By graduating from a human resources MBA program, your employability and job prospects will often be superior to those whom you may be interviewing for positions.

Recruiting has slowed dramatically for many job titles as the financial crisis bears down, but not for top human resources executives.

"It may seem counterintuitive, but we've seen an increase in demand over the past 60 days," says John Doyle, North American leader for Spencer Stuart's HR executive recruitment practice, based in Chicago.

"Companies are moving forward with unprecedented change initiatives, and CEOs know that their HR executive, along with their CFO, are the keys for moving ahead through the crisis," Doyle says. "If they're not happy with who they've got, they're looking around."

When a company needs a new top executive, the CEO typically calls the head of HR to coordinate the search, but recruiting a new HR executive obviously requires a different approach.

"Instead, the CEO contacts a search firm's industry consultant, who then brings in a functional HR consultant," Doyle says. In Spencer Stuart's HR practice, both the industry consultant and the functional HR consultant meet face-to-face with the CEO.

Earning a human resource management degree online will prepare you for a job at the executive level. As a human resource manager, you will be responsible for recruiting and placing key personnel within an organization, as well as practicing proper labor policies. Continuing education and an advanced degree is necessary in this field to be the most successful. Bottom line, more training, more money.

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